June 28, 2023

Colorado Republicans and Colorado Libertarians reach negotiated agreement

June 28, 2023
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As the Chairman of the Colorado Republicans, it's a pleasure to announce an unprecedented agreement I negotiated between our Party and the Colorado Libertarians to prevent spoiler candidates from disrupting Republican nominees' efforts to defeat Democrats in the 2024 general election.

Libertarian Chairwoman Hannah Goodman pledged that her party will work with us to ensure that these races are not spoiled by a third-party candidate so that together we can break the stranglehold radical Democrats have over our state.

Her letter reads, "If the Republican Party runs candidates who support individual liberties, we will not run competing candidates in those races."

This agreement allows our Party to maximize our nominees' chances in competitive races so we can gain the edge we need to get our candidates across the finish line. Chairwoman Goodman knows what's at stake with extreme leftwing Democrats in charge and went on to write, "We would prefer to work with you, and not against you, to support the Colorado that your voters believe they are supporting. We are committed to working with you to end [Democrats'] one-party rule here in Colorado."

We must seek new opportunities to build coalitions that will help restore balance back to Colorado, and this new partnership is a critical first step if we are going to win in 2024.

Just so you know how important this agreement is, please read what Republicans leaders and political pundits have said about the Libertarian spoiler effect in the past: “So if you go back … and you pull out the Libertarian that took away a bunch of votes, this wouldn't have been as competitive a race and I would've won.” - State Senator Barb Kirkmeyer (2022)"The Libertarian cost Kirkmeyer her seat. Absolutely. Chalk one up for spoiler." - Independence Institute President Jon Caldara (2022)“It doesn’t matter if the people who vote the Libertarian line don’t know who the candidate is, they just want to vote for the Libertarian [...] It’s awful, just awful" - Former COGOP Chairman Dick Wadhams (2022)“I think another thing for us to figure out in the future is what we do about Libertarian and American Constitution Party candidates who did cost us races. Not statewide, it wasn’t enough to make a difference in any of those races, but in CD8, the CD8 Board of Education Race, and I believe five state legislative seats, the Democrats did not clear 50%, but the Republican lost by a margin that they would have been able to overcome had there not been a third party candidate in the race." - Former COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown (2022)In 2022 alone, many Republican experts and news outlets reported on the impact of this spoiler effect. FOX 31 KDVR reported that in addition to CD8 (and the Board of Education race in the same district), State House "races in districts 16, 25, and 50 were each decided by a plurality of voters. In each, the Democratic candidate won by fewer votes than the Libertarian candidate got."

We cannot let this moment pass us by.

We have a unique opportunity to flip the script and work with others to nominate better candidates who can appeal to our base while further building support among non-republican voters. 

The Libertarians will only stand down if we recruit and nominate candidates who are more pro-freedom than not. They are not looking for the perfect candidate but they are making clear that our Party needs more nominees who will fight for limited-government in Denver and Washington D.C.

This agreement (attached below) has been forwarded to other key leaders within the Republican Party, and we will work with them as we identify candidates for targeted races in 2024.

For a Freer Colorado,
Dave Williams
Chairman, Colorado Republicans
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