August 25, 2023

How Cute, They Think We Are Still Playing (Political Humor/Satire, Yet Truth)

August 25, 2023
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Image by Ehecatl-c. Face Masks? We are done playing!

Political Humor/Yet Truth: Would somebody please inform the WEF, or China, or Soros, or Schwab, or their handlers, or whoever is trying to play the mask game again, that we already took our ball and went home? They’re pathetic. "Please, let's play another game? Pleasy-pleasy please?" 

We are done with the face masks. A long time ago they ended up on the floors of our cars and got trampled into little tiny microplastics which the whiners are welcome to come breathe if they want to.

We are done with being told we have some sort of vaccine deficiency. We are quite healthy, thank you very much, especially compared to people who listen to doctors. 

We are done with viruses that know which years presidential elections happen.

We are done with being told fires happen at places and times convenient for the narrative. As if we can't read a map. 

We are done with hearing someone who can't find his way offstage is a threat to the most popular political figure in the nation. 

Most of all, we are done with the idea of our children as lab animals and commodities. Leave them alone if you wish for a long life or a peaceful death.

And still, they’re out there, whining "Won't somebody play my game? Hey, c'mon guys!" Somebody please tell them to shut up and go home and stop embarrassing themselves.

Political Humor Article by Cincinnatia, Colorado Free Press Contributor

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