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    2024: Be Bold, It's Not So Scary

    January 4, 2024
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    Public Domain. Facing that Double Diamond Colorado Ski Slope

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    The beginning of 2024 does feel a bit like standing at the top of a black diamond ski slope, trying to remember when and how you ever signed up for this. You’ve got to remember, people not only survive black diamonds, but also fund the Colorado tourism industry for the excitement of skiing them.

    Besides, if you look back uphill, you will realize you just came down four black diamonds called 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Let’s remember where we were back then…

    Things that were scary in 2020

    Everyone is going crazy about a virus, and its name keeps changing, and none of it makes sense.

    When is two weeks ever going to end?

    The poor 2020 seniors who missed prom and graduation.

    They are burning down our cities.

    They are rewriting our history and tearing down our statues and anything you say can be used against you to prove you are a racist.

    The election is obviously stolen but nobody seems able to do anything about it.

    Things that were scary in 2021

    January 7th – there is no justice, the America we thought we knew is gone, we are all alone, they’re coming for us, we’re going to jail, or more likely concentration camps.

    Supply chains are going to break. No more power. No more Internet.

    Masks will be forever, and our friends and family hate us for questioning them.

    Biden said it will be a cold, dark winter, and we aren’t sure he’s wrong.

    Anyone who got vaccinated will die in 5 years, most of them this winter.

    World War III is going to happen.

    We are all being shed upon so we are all vaccinated anyway so we are all going to die anyway.

    The poor 2021 seniors who missed just about everything, including smiles, their senior year.

    The poor preschoolers who missed learning to speak.

    You could get shot just by going to the grocery store.

    People are coming over the border and will mess up our elections/steal everything/attack us.

    We have showed every which way from Sunday the election was stolen and they still say “debunked conspiracy theory.”

    Things that were scary in 2022

    If you speak up the FBI will get you, in the middle of the night.

    If you do your job like Tina Peters you go to jail.

    Conservatives just can’t get along and always fight each other.

    World War III is going to happen. For sure.

    Only women are standing up for anything – where are the men?

    J6ers are in prison without trial and everybody says they deserve it.

    School shootings.

    Church shootings.

    No red wave – who lied about it, and which way?

    Katie Hobbs presides over all kinds of illegalities about her own election and yet is proclaimed the winner?

    Catherine Engelbrecht (True the Vote) and Greg Phillips expose Chinese election interference and go to jail, but the guy who did it gets his criminal charges dropped.

    People are coming over the border much more and will mess up our elections/steal everything/attack us.

    Things that were scary in 2023

    World War III is going to happen. Really we mean it this time.

    Israel is going to war so obviously this is Armageddon.

    Nobody ever gets held accountable for election fraud…though the main culprits are getting rather jumpy.

    J6 prisoners are still in prison.

    People are coming over the border way way more and will mess up our elections/steal everything/attack us.

    What we have now:

    Whatever happened to Antifa? They don’t seem interested in attacking well-armed Americans who no longer care about being called names.

    The FBI is still snarling but generally acts like a disgraced dog, knowing they’ve lost the respect of the public. The DOJ has had time to put us all in prison by now, but are mostly just persecuting anyone they can tie to J6. SWATting doesn’t seem to be happening to average Americans anymore, if it ever was.

    World War III seems more difficult to start than we thought – proxy wars with Russia and the explosive Middle East still didn’t set it off.

    They keep trying to bring back masks and people aren’t having it. There is a deep anger that “you made a fool of me once, it won’t happen again.” The vax has become so unpopular they’re having to throw their extras away. People are questioning everything else we were told by people in white coats.

    People are quietly reassessing all the old “conspiracy theories” about JFK and 9/11 and such. We’re learning to laugh at government pronouncements the way we used to laugh at Pravda. We’re developing the healthy suspicion of government that the Founding Fathers knew we needed. The government puppet masters can feel they are losing their audience, but don’t seem to have any new ideas for reclaiming our attention. They don’t have the force to make it happen, and they don’t have the ability they had a couple years ago to scare us.

    The old media can’t, because they won’t, talk about the things Americans are most concerned about. Instead people look for someone who will talk openly, and bit by bit they’re finding new news sources. By now we have several extensive and quickly-maturing communications systems, both for finding out news and for telling each other what’s going on.

    They protested too much about “safe, secure elections” and the truth has seeped over, under, and through their lies. They don’t even bother anymore to accuse President Trump of being an “election denier” – they’ve realized it only makes his poll numbers go up! More than 200 counties across the country are committed to getting rid of election machines; many others may soon follow.

    People who continue to be alive and not in prison and speaking loudly: President Trump, Mike Lindell, Catherine Engelbrecht, Greg Phillips, Joe Oltmann, Patrick Byrne, Tina Peters, many many local election integrity leaders.

    The J6 prisoners don’t have justice yet, but they do have the public recognition they were unjustly treated. We’re winning important court cases about elections, free speech, and Constitutional rights, and there are hints there may be bigger wins to come soon.

    Some friends and family have said they’re sorry, others have at least reached out, and others have been replaced by better friends. Everybody is grateful for in-person contact. Colorado is one of the top states for parents investigating homeschooling.

    The real men are standing up. In the many movements pushing back against election fraud, medical tyranny, and stolen Constitutional rights, men have moved to the front lines, taking and giving the hits. We’re also seeing young men – the generation of Nick Sandman, Kyle Rittenhouse, and the “Don’t Tread on Me” boy – willing to endure the national spotlight to show they did NOT get brainwashed by their public schools.

    There is a whole movement emphasizing face-to-face, know-your-neighbor, make-or-grow-your-own, become-your-own-expert, demand-the-real-thing. This makes us ungovernable and stronger mentally, physically, and societally than we’ve been for generations.

    People are coming over the border and are probably part of the rise in crime, but haven’t risen up as an army among us yet, and many people have thought about how we would deal with it if they did. We still could have civilization break down, no electricity and no Internet, and them coming to get us. But we’ve had years to prepare, we’re much better armed, we have training we didn’t have, and we know who we would call to stand with us. And if we end up standing in the ashes of what’s left of America, we have the Constitution as our manual on how to rebuild a republic.

    Opinion by Cincinnatia, Colorado Free Press Contributor

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