• March 18, 2024

    31 Aid Trucks Enter Northern Gaza As Terrorists Open Fire on Civilians

    March 18, 2024
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    One of the refrains of the war since the very beginning is the necessity of allowing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the entire Gaza Strip. As the war continues, accusations have increasingly been leveled at Israel, accusing the latter of preventing the entry of aid. The fact is that following a brief halt to aid convoys in the early weeks of the war, Israel has allowed the entry of aid. 313,000 tons of food, water and medical supplies have entered Gaza since the beginning of the war.

    On Thursday, 31 additional trucks bearing supplies entered the Strip and headed north, where the humanitarian situation is most dire. Meanwhile, crowds of hungry civilians waited for the trucks. Armed Palestinians – whose affiliation is unclear – opened fire on these people and continued to shoot at them after the trucks arrived. Other civilians were killed by the trucks or in the crush.

    An IDF probe found that Israeli soldiers did not fire on civilians waiting to receive aid, despite recurring accusations that this is what happened. For those who question the veracity of IDF reports, we would ask: what incentive does Israel have to fire on innocent civilians? With each false accusation that Israel is preventing Palestinians from receiving humanitarian aid, more people become hostile to the Jewish State. Even without taking into accounts the IDF’s moral standards, it is against Israel’s interest to prevent the distribution of humanitarian aid.

    The next time you hear someone accuse Israel of limiting access to food and water in Gaza, ask them: why would Israel do that?

    Published with permission from Hope For Israel.

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