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    After Easter: Resurrection Promise Of New Beginning In The Darkness Of World’s Evil

    April 4, 2024
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    By TruthForHealth.org

    Listen to the interview here:

    The attacks on our health continues. Moderna’s revenues from the Covid shots are collapsing so Modern has decided to roll out a new profit source to prey on humanity with a risky combined mRNA Covid plus Flu shot.  What Moderna and government agencies do not disclose is that the combination Flu and COVID mRNA shots carry greater risks than either one alone, not only from the toxic mRNA-DNA contamination but also other toxic components such as the LNPs with multiple inflammatory and damaging ingredients.

    Despite flu having disappeared almost completely since COVID, Moderna executives with a “damn the torpedoes (risks), full steam ahead” approach seeking profit over patient safety, have determined the company can increase revenues markedly since  the market for the annual flu shots is 3-times larger than COVID.  Once again, for Big Pharma and the government lap dog bureaucrats, it is all about profit, not the health and safety of patients.  Here is Moderna’s press release:   https://investors.modernatx.com/news/news-details/2024/Moderna-Achieves-Positive-Interim-Results-from-Phase-3-Trial-of-Next-Generation-COVID-19-Vaccine/default.aspx

    But we already have published studies showing increased stroke risk in those who got the Flu shot after receiving the COVID shots, so what will happen to people getting BOTH shots at one time?  No one really knows, but the risks are far greater than any potential benefits…particularly since the average number of flu deaths 2011-2019, is 31/100,000 persons over 65 in the USA.

    In addition, Influenza (“Flu”) just about disappeared altogether during COVID when all these upper respiratory viral syndromes were  lumped under the COVID label to increase the fear factor driving vaccination.  The risk of dying from Flu, even when it was prevalent prior to 2020, was around 1 in every 3000 persons aged over 65.

    The hopeful, and truthful, message in this fear mongering about COVID and Flu is that both illnesses are easy to treat rapidly with the combined early outpatient therapy with existing safe medicines SEE COVID EARLY TREATMENT GUIDE HERE (such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, antibiotics and nebulized or oral steroids) and vitamins and nutraceuticals (vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc especially) to boost your natural immunity and resilience for recovery.  Just say NO to Moderna’s experimental new products with no long term safety data to guide your decision-making.

    As the Christian world has just celebrated the miracle of Easter and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are seeing glimmers of LIGHT and new beginnings in the storm clouids of evil that have been assaulting humanity since 2020.  These are positive signs that the dam of censorship, lies and deception is breaking apart.

    Clear collusion between government—in this case the US Department of “Justice” (DoJ) and the FDA in the roll out of the COVID shots—is being laid out to for all to see. Brooke Jackson, employed by a company conducting clinical trials for Pfizer, filed an appropriate complaint about the irregularities in the clinical trials, including outright malpractice and fraud. But as soon as she reported this malfeasance to the FDA –as she was supposed to do in her oversight role—she was fired the very same day.  As a protected whistleblower, Ms. Jackson has courageously filed and persisted with a Federal False Claims suit against Pfizer that is ongoing.  Here is the timeline for this case:  https://www.iambrookjackson.com/casedocuments

    But now, the DoJ has directly interfered in the case between Brook Jackson and Pfizer, as well as her previous employer Ventavia, and another company called Icon PLC.  Here is the description of the DoJ’s unprecedented interference.  https://open.substack.com/pub/anthonycolpo/p/us-government-confirms-that-preventing

    Another ray of light in the darkness of the evil coverup of safe treatments for COVID is the March 22 “Stipulation of Settlement” in which the FDA clearly lost its war on Ivermectin. 

    The FDA’s direct and aggressive action to suppress early treatment with Ivermectin (and hydroxychloroquine, though that was not included in this particular lawsuit) cost millions of lives worldwide, but also confirms what we had reported from 2020 onward: the COVID shots illegally deployed under a fraudulent Emergency Use Authorization, since it was clear that there were in fact existing treatments for COVID-19. The presence of existing treatments violates the FDA rerquirements for an Emergency Use Authorization.   https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/fda-clears-ivermectin-and-backtracks-on-covid-era-propoganda/

    Another ray of light and hope comes from Italy: breaking through the conspiracy of silence among medical professionals, Italy has begun investigating five doctors for vaccines deaths. https://petersweden.substack.com/p/it-has-begun-italy-investigating

    Other positive steps are happending around the world as people stand up and speak out against the planned global tyranny of the World “Health” Organization’s (WHO) “pandemic treaty” that is in fact a global public health dictatorship led by Tedros, who has no medical training yet will call the shots medically for people around the world if this “Treaty” goes through.

    James Roguwski has been a stalwart warrior for freedom with his clarity surrounding the WHOs agenda, to be imposed via the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the Pandemic Treaty. These two instruments have often been discussed in tandem, which has been part of the deliberate confusion. What James does very well in this recent interview is to uncover the core of the two instruments and explain their main aims: https://rumble.com/v4lgjzi-reupload-pandemic-treaty-james-roguski-tpc-1444.html

    1. The proposed changed in the IHRs is to introduce a system that will require vaccination and/or testing to allow people to travel freely. This will set up a system where travel can be restricted, not by your own country, which would be illegal, but by blocking entry to people coming in from other countries, if they lack the appropriate certification (and this will be linked to digital health certificates and vaccine ID). So essentially, if not jabbed and tested according to the WHO guidelines, you will not be able to enter another country.

    2. The Pandemic Treaty, the other “arm” of global public health control, provides the framework within which countries will be required to screen for, identify, manipulate, and share new pathogens, thus providing the discovery arm for new diseases and pandemics to reinforce tyranny via the IHRs.

    Covid tyranny HAS NOT GONE AWAY! It is simply taking on hew forms, using new names to confuse the public.  People around the world need to make a stand if we want to preserve our medical freedom, our lives, and our overall individual freedom. Contact your local politicians, contact local media and work together with other groups in your community to speak out against all these forms of tyranny and control over your life and your freedom to travel as you wish.  You need to speak loudly and often: “Enough is enough! NO more tyranny!”

    Four years ago, on Easter Sunday, the Swiss Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder was held in a psychiatric ward for speaking out against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. The police could not arrest Dr. Binder, because he had not broken any laws by his public stance against COVID lies and deception and tyranny.  Instead , the Swiss police sent a doctor to evaluate Dr. Binder’s mental health status, and diagnosed him with the made up condition of “Corona Insanity” and forced his hospitalization.  As a condition of his release, he was forced to take medication. Watch independent journalist Taylor Hudak’s interview with Dr. Binder here:  https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/dr-thomas-binder-interview-how-psychology-weaponized-suppress-truth-age-covid/ 

    As Easter is a time for resurrection and new beginnings – say no and stand up against tyranny. Make your voice heard.  BEGIN NOW!

    Published with permission by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet at TruthForHealth.org.

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