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    American Petition in the Support of Military Accountability

    January 2, 2024
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    Public Domain: Aerial photography of Section 18 at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.

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    Those are the grave stones of America's finest, who gave their last measure of devotion to ensure the blessings of liberty would continue to reign freedom across America from sea to shining sea.

    Two hundred and thirty one of our bravest military men and women are standing up and directly challenging the military leadership for Constitutional and US law violations which took place during the Covid Pandemic. Now, thousands more are signing the petition to speak truth and stand for the US military leadership accountability. Their website is at this link: https://www.militaryaccountability.com/

    Starting with former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, GEN Milley, the petition names 21 other Senior military general and flag officers "and numerous others" who must be held to account. The petition states these military leaders "broke the law" and seeks "restoration through accountability". They go on to say military leaders "enabled lawlessness and unwilling experimentation on service members". These leaders quote, "suppressed the free exercise of religion" while a number developed "debilitating vaccine injuries".

    The petition goes on to state the group will do "everything it can to hold military leaders accountable who failed to follow the law when their leadership and moral courage were so desperately needed".

    There ought to be transparency and an honest review of the entire military Covid vaccine policy and the real world outcome including senior leaders decisions. Our military members are those who commit to keeping us safe. Our military members are willing to die for our freedom. Isn't it time to review the entire process and let the truth be told!

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