• March 7, 2024

    Appeasement Will Not Release The Israeli Hostages

    March 7, 2024
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    In Montreal, Canada, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters held four IDF veterans hostage for hours inside a building prior to a speaking event, while shouting to return “to Auschwitz” and issuing death threats. In Moscow, an ISIS terror attack against a synagogue was foiled by Russian security forces. And in Gaza, 134 innocent people are losing hope of regaining their freedom.

    The international community claims to care about the desperate condition of the hostages and about rising rates of anti-Semitism around the globe. Yet the actions taken in the last 24 hours by Israel’s allies don’t serve the interests of the hostages or deter anti-Semitism.

    A serious report has surfaced that the Biden Administration is considering forbidding the use of American arms in an Israeli Rafiah offensive. If this report is accurate, it shows the extent of the disagreement between Israeli and American leaders on expanded military action in southern Gaza. Simultaneously, the British government has also warned Israel of its growing impatience with the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Canada, meanwhile, is set to resume funding of UNRWA which it suspended following allegations over UNRWA employees’ involvement in October 7th.

    Meanwhile, as Israel’s traditional allies waver, intense opposition continues from traditional adversaries. On International Women’s Day, the Security Council meeting has yet to call a meeting on the Hamas sexual violence report. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has called on all of Israel’s embassies to make sure the subject remains in the national discourse where they are stationed.

    South Africa is now claiming at the International Court of Justice that Israel has not complied with the court’s prior instructions, issued in the wake of a South African lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. Israel’s Foreign Ministry called on the ICJ to reject South Africa’s inaccurate accusations off-hand.

    Finally, Chile notified Israel that it will not be permitted to participate in the International Air and Space Fair set to take place next month in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Chile was one of the first countries to condemn Israel after October 7th and recalled its ambassador in November.

    Unchecked opposition to Israel encourages Hamas and lessens the chances of a fair deal to release the hostages. It also leads to situations like that which occurred in Montreal. Israeli security services have already issued a warning to Israelis planning on traveling abroad during Ramadan, saying that the holiday could provide an opportunity for terror groups to launch attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad.

    Published with permission from Hope For Israel.

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