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    Aurora Considers Change in Course on Homeless Response

    June 27, 2024
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    The Front Range Metro area homeless problem continues to plague Colorado residents and businesses, and it shows no sign of slowing. 

    In response, the Denver Post is reporting that Aurora is enhancing its urban campaign ban by giving it “more teeth” in an attempt at “tough love.” From the Post on Monday:

    “It’s an approach to homelessness that integrates with other initiatives Aurora has launched, including a court created to specifically deal with those who have no roof over their heads and a soon-to-debut housing program that places conditions of employment on residency. Aurora’s work-first strategy contrasts with Denver’s, where a housing-first ethic infuses all of the city’s efforts to help the unhoused.”

    Aurora has absorbed much of the metro homeless problem, so it’s no surprise to see the borough breaking with Denver’s housing-first philosophy, where city resources are reallocated and residents face service cuts and safety concerns. 

    Aurora homeless man, Kwan, talks with CFP's Karen Kennedy in May.

    If you missed Karen Kennedy’s exclusive with Aurora-area homeless, check it out here

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