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    Climate Change Matrix Says Quiet Part Out Loud As COP28 Approaches

    July 22, 2023
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    It's not about carbon removal from the atmosphere, It's about stopping Western energy resources

    Climate Change Matrix Says Quiet Part Out Loud As COP28 Approaches
    Postcombustion carbon capture technology
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    As the 'COP28' event approaches in the United Arab Emirates in November, the global conference on climate change, a curious thing is happening -- the climate change global cabal is declaring it's 'not interested' in carbon capture and storage technologies, and only interested in stopping the use of fossil fuels.

    They are saying the quiet part out loud.

    "Abatement technologies must not be used to green-light continued fossil fuel expansion," declared a statement issued by the European Union and 17 nations.

    "It cannot be the focus. It's one of the tools, but in a toolkit that has to be about deployment, massive scale up of renewable energy," said The Marshall Islands' Climate Envoy, Tina Stege.

    Of course, the Chinese Communist Party gets a pass. They continue to build coal plants at a record rate.

    In other words, it's not about actually removing CO2 from the atmosphere, after all it's required for life on planet earth. The entire movement is simply about stopping countries other than China from creating energy to grow their economies, defend themselves, and grow their population.

    Quit ingenious and diabolical if you think about it.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.
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    Isn't the situation just beyond belief? Logic has left the building. Newsflash to the anti carbon crew; your human body is made of carbon. The food you eat requires carbon, regardless of your food choice.

    There are alternative theories that the planet earth was dying, something about a very long term result of natural progression of molecular formation and various bonding and debonding process, where our planet was becoming calcified due to earths own forces. Then humans came around, harvested natural resources, and there was a resurgence of carbon which boosted life everywhere. But then again, we should all agree we pollute entirely too much. That's not because of our automobiles or lawn mowers though. We really do not need to ship everything we need to and from different continents, as shipping is the number one polluter on the entire planet. We spend far more human effort and resources in the pursuit of self gratification rather than supporting empowering technology which would allow us to be more proficient and efficient with resources on hand. As every major invention which could have really created a different life and far more prosperous planet is shelved or the inventor mysteriously dies.

    Did you know we have had 100% fully recyclable metalurgic based solar panel technology, in a functional state, for over a century now. Yes, it's true. We had workable electric vehicles a century ago too, which ran on non pollutive salt based battery systems. But the cylenoid and starter systems were safer for humans at the time, so the petro vehicles won in the general marketplace.


    That reminds me, I have been wanting to buy the books this guy publishes. Who's up for a device that will generate electricity, from merely being attached to your hot water heater or wood stove? How about a mist based shower experience? Or I really liked the one how entire segments of society around the world, used to grow produce like citrus trees, in cold inhospitable environments with either trench gardening or careful low to the ground pruning and growing methods. Thinking of going trench to see if we could get limes lemons and oranges once more, here in the high country... A quite inspiring and illuminating website, suggested for anyone looking at environmental issues. There is a better way... I'm going to keep driving my truck through the mountains and eating beef, so I don't necessarily agree with the website purveyors world view, but the information he provides is undeniably fascinating. He digs through hundred or more year old forgotten print articles books and papers, and brings 'old tech' back to life in the modern age. If only someone sold some of these devices and gadgets, I for one would rush to buy several of any of them.

    electric cars salt battery.JPG

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