• 06/24/2024

    Colorado Can Do Better Than 'None of the Above' (Political Humor)

    February 12, 2024
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    Public Domain. Nikki Haley

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    Political Humor

    Coloradans, stung by Nevada's epic troll, are saying "We can do better!" On the one hand, Nevada picked "none of these candidates" over Nikki Haley. On the other hand, Colorado has the corner on stupid answers to political questions. After all, the Supreme Court just pointed out that for Colorado - well, six Coloradans and four justices -  "somebody said he did something" is now enough to kick a candidate off the ballot.

    So, here are some choices Colorado can offer in a Trumpless primary:

    1. Mickey Mouse (votes for Mickey Mouse are the sign of an honest American election)

    2. Pike's Peak (has gravitas, charisma, and its famous purple color can symbolize the Uniparty)

    3. Vladimir Putin (Tucker Carlson as VP)

    4. The Broncos (they could at least beat Biden)

    5. A ham sandwich (oh, wait, that's been indicted - delete from ballot)

    6. Jared Polis (for all the Democrats who switched parties the night before the primary)

    7. Great-Aunt Ruthie's pet cockapoo Creampuff (at least he's potty-trained)

    8. Coors (at least it's not Bud Light)

    9. None of the above

    10. All of the above

    11. Odd numbers above

    12. Even numbers above

    13. Nikki Haley

    14. Whoever else is running and hasn't spent enough on name recognition

    Political Humor by Cincinattia, Colorado Free Press Contributor

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