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    Colorado GOP Call To Action On Jan 6th

    September 22, 2023
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    Image by Kingofthedead. Jan 6th Photo

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    In mid-August, the Colorado GOP put out a call to action for Colorado GOP members to engage their Colorado GOP Congressional delegation concerning the status of Jan 6th defendants. The call touched off an exchange of letters within the Colorado GOP. Colorado GOP Chair, Dave Williams, has stated the Colorado GOP encourages robust discussion and debate on the topic. Below is an exchange of letters between Colorado GOP members.

    Here is the First Colorado GOP Call to Action letter with over 100 Colorado GOP supporters signing on:

    The second letter is by Colorado GOP Congressional Rep. Ken Buck (CO-04) with regards to the Call To Action request and his perspective on Jan 6th defendants.

    Colorado's El Paso County GOP Vice-Chairman, Todd Watkins strongly responded to Congressman Ken Buck's letter:

    In America, we have the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights to protect our rights as US citizens. We are seeing the blatant overuse of "lawfare" of one candidate running for POTUS to persecute the leading candidate running for POTUS in the other party. Is it right to let over 1000 people be abused, neglected and persecuted for over 2 years?

    Bravo to the Colorado GOP leaders who are advocating for their GOP representatives to "do something" for the J6 defendants. In Washington DC, deciding not to do something is a decision. It's a decision not to get involved for optics, politics or whatever. The Colorado Free Press encourages you to advocate for the rights of these Jan 6th defendants. Uphold their rights under the US Constitution. They are our fellow citizens!

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