• 07/23/2024

    Colorado GOP Continues To Face Unprofessional Opposition From State Supermajority Democrats

    February 27, 2024
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    Screenshot. 2024 LGBTQ+ Lobby Day

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    Here in Colorado, the minority GOP representatives in the Colorado State House continue to face opposition to their statements and legislation while Suoermajority Democrata mock and laugh at their statements, even on 2024 LGBTQ+ lobby day.

    Bills like the following continue to be processed by the Democrats:

    HB24-1071, Name Change to Conform with Gender Identity: Concerning permitting a name change for a person convicted of a felony to conform with the person's gender identity.

    Meanwhile in Denver, crime rises and the illegal alien population strains the Denver city budget.

    Another bill in Committee is the HB24-1169, Repeal Divest from Companies with Israel Prohitions Law, concerning the repeal of the requirement that the public employees' retirement association divest from companies that have economic prohibitions against Israel.

    Not to be left out Democrat Rep. Herod ensures she was wearing her Pro-Palestinian Keefiyeh scarf just for the hearing.

    Screenshot. Rep Herod in her Pro-Palestinian scarf

    When Republican Rep. Brandi Bradley spoke Democrats.were missing and completely disengaged. Its the the unprofessional way Republicans are treated in the Colorado State House. Censorship and ridicule are the norm.

    Screenshot. Dems absent or disengaged

    Republican representatives have a right to state their constitutents policy positions and requests. Where is the professionalism and decorum? Governor Polis, how about calling for some professionalism? Even the governor does not appear interested. Here is a chance for the public to share their opinions. Make your voices heard!

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