• September 13, 2023

    Colorado GOP Retains American Center For Law & Justice To Challenge Lawsuit Attempting To Block Trump From Appearing On Primary Ballot

    September 13, 2023
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    Lawyer, Jay Sekulow
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    The Colorado Republican Party could not stand idly by as a lawsuit was filed last week to undermine our party’s nomination process by blocking President Donald J. Trump from appearing on the Colorado Republican Primary Ballot.

    We have retained legal representation from the American Center for Law & Justice, headed by Jay Sekulow, and filed a motion to intervene on Monday.

    Please review our filings by clicking the buttons below. 


    Even though this lawsuit was remanded back to State Court yesterday, we will still do everything we need to do to be granted our motion to intervene.

    Please know we are doing everything in our power to ensure Colorado Republican voters can cast their vote for President Trump, or whoever else they choose, on the March 5th, 2024, Super Tuesday Presidential Primary.

    But we can't do this alone, and we can't let anyone disenfranchise voters and work with Democrats to weaponize our judicial system. 

    We need your help now.

    Chip in and help us stop them from keeping Trump off the ballot today!


    For Fairness,

    Dave Williams
    Chairman, Colorado Republicans

    P.S. Please see the announcement from the ACLJ below.

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    That was incredible to read, had looked at this a few weeks ago. I reviewed their website and had this long old letter ready for them, but decided not to send it, as they do not have anonymous submissions on their site. It's a trap, to weed out Trump supporters and then consequently harass us in a similar manner.

    Fun factoids; There is nothing in the constitution about people voting for presidents. Previously they were elected based on other factors, and not the peoples votes. The entire thing has become such a charade, the wasted money, the demagoguery, the fan fare, the wasted resources, incentive to commit felonies and partake in ever growing rings of vote fraud. It's one big circus every few years which basically never ends. We need to revisit the permanent apportionment act, which would make bribing candidates so much more difficult. We are no longer living in a representative democracy type of situation. Comparatively, Americans are among the least represented people on the planet. Get your mind around that one. (charts provided, third link below.) Then think of the gravity and monumental fraud which is abandoning the electoral college, in combination with frozen in time apportionment.

    Previously the president and vice president were from opposing parties, and there was subsequently far better balance in terms of policies and shifting goals. The purpose of government is to protect liberty. All their powers of the purse, to tax us to death, to take what belongs to one individual and hand that to another. Corporate welfare far exceeds any regular hand outs. Chase gets 15% off the top for every single EBT card transaction. The entire welfare system is incentivized and this plays right into how politicians dial for dollars, spend the majority of their time fundraising for insider favors, and are unable to represent anyone, except in the form of imposing more government restrictions.


    "We can't let anyone disenfranchise voters' < > The author wrote. Respectfully; that ship sailed a very very long time ago. Welcome to Colorado. We were the pioneers of mail in ballots and subsequent architects of advanced vote fraud. (via Tina Peters forensic reports). And we still hold the crown as having the most counties with more registered voters than actual people whom live there. (per judicial watch) / Attached. And thanks, still worthy of peoples time to look into these matters. But your real vote happens every single day of the week. Vote with your wallet. Vote with your feet. Stop feeding into these corrupt corporations whom would put us under thumb and seek to be our new permanent governors, prescribing what we can and can not say, where we can and can not go, if we will continue to use petroleum or not, or just start eating crickets for breakfast. We no longer even get a vote under the weight of emerging socialism and we're sick and tired of even seeing the corporations around whom behave this way and seek to influence policy. We regret to inform the people whom may have just started paying attention to these matters; We can not boycott twice, it's up to you now.

    So you think you know about vote fraud? Think again. Read carefully, educate yourself. It's in the code and indexing of massive code where the real fraud happens. So it should come to no surprise that after this was all exposed, CO moved to a central authority system. So now they can do whatever they want at the home office, and not deal with this sort of public exposure again.

    Judicial Watch. CO had over 40 of 64 total counties with more voter registrations than actual citizens.

    Thanks for reading the Colorado Free Press.

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