August 3, 2023

Colorado GOP Suing Secretary Of State, Jena Griswold

August 3, 2023
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GOP sues to stop unaffilated voters

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The Colorado Free Press is reporting the state's GOP has had enough of unaffilated voters swaying the vote in Colorado's primary elections. The Colorado GOP filed a lawsuit in Denver Federal court on Monday.

According to the Colorado GOP here is why they are suing Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold:

"Here's the truth, Republicans Should Choose Republican Candidates."

That should be a self-evident statement, but in Colorado it is not true. In 2022 more than twice as many unaffiliated voters received a Republican ballot in the primary than registered Republicans, and nearly 40% of those who voted in the Republican primary were not registered Republicans.

This upside-down election policy has been in place since the 2016 election, when Colorado voters adopted the open primary system. It permits unaffiliated voters to vote in our primary.

Since then there has been a significant drop in Colorado Republican membership, there are no statewide Republican elected officials, the legislature has the least number of Republicans in 80 years and the number of Republican county officials is dropping.

The open primary has been devastating to the Colorado GOP. It has opened the floodgates to liberal progressives who are fundamentally transforming Colorado into a high-tax, broken-economy, big-government, woke-world. 

The open primary has also ratcheted up the cost of primary elections for counties and candidates. County clerks must print, mail and process millions more ballots. Primary candidates are forced to spend much more at the primary level to expand their outreach as the raw numbers of ballots and voters is that much bigger.

Finally, the open primary is not constitutional. In 2000 the US Supreme Court’s Jones decision declared that a political party cannot be forced into an open primary system. At a minimum it violates the citizens’ constitutional freedom of association.

Colorado GOP Chairman, Dave Williams message

This goes back to another recent article posted by the Colorado Free Press, This is all about We The People determining who we want to represent us as our elected officials at each general election. Each political party should have the right to determine which candidate best represents their party rather than having others not associated unduly influence the outcome. Its Constitutional and the American way and the way it should be in Colorado.

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