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    The Colorado Communists Are Terrified Of Trump

    July 24, 2023
    Image by Public Domain. Hiring in America!

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    During a time when trust in public institutions is at an all time low, we would expect those institutions to engage in trust-building behaviors. The first steps to restoring trust in any relationship are truth and transparency, and our relationships with government are no exception. 

    In our republican form of government, trust in our institutions depends upon trust in our elections. Trustworthy elections are those free of manipulation by public or private entities: governments, pseudo-governmental organizations, corporations, charitable organizations, etc. 

    The public contract – the societal agreement through which Americans allow themselves to be governed – depends upon the integrity of our elections. The people have the right to choose their government because government in America is of, by, and for the People. In other words, elections are a hiring process, candidates interview (campaign) for specific roles, and the People are the decision making authority. 

    In this metaphor, Secretary of State Jena Griswold is effectively the Human Resources (HR) Manager. Her role is to shepherd the process and ensure the hiring authority – the People – can evaluate each candidate in a fair and open manner. Employers everywhere are required by federal law to enable equal opportunity in hiring processes. HR ensures the process is lawful and free from discrimination, but they also ensure the decision makers have everything they need to select the best possible candidate for the job. 

    The Secretary enables the process. The People choose who gets the job. That’s how it is supposed to work. 

    But that’s not how it works.

    I have written extensively about the ways Colorado elections are influenced and impacted by vendor corporations, pseudo-government associations, and leftist charitable organizations. But electoral process manipulation is not only coming from outside entities. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Secretary Griswold abuse emergency powers, ban independent audits, abolish transparency, and centralize election power away from the counties, consolidating that power within the state Executive Branch. 

    In other words, she hasn’t enabled the Colorado hiring process; she co-opted it.

    On Thursday July 13, Secretary of State Jena Griswold was asked if she would allow President Donald Trump access to the Colorado ballot. The stunning, undemocratic question came from Colorado Newsline, covering an anti-Trump pressure campaign by the leftist lawfare machine. From Newsline:

    “Many pro-democracy advocates say the insurrection disqualification clause in Section 3 of the 14 Amendment bars Trump from public office. The nonprofit advocacy groups Free Speech For People and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund invoked that clause Wednesday when they sent letters to the chief election officials in nine states, including Griswold in Colorado, requesting that they exclude Trump, a Republican, from their state’s ballots.”

    Pro-democracy in this context means communism. 

    American government officials preventing their political opponents from running for office is a stunning turn of events in America, though it accurately describes the uniparty establishment’s war against President Trump. 

    On both sides of the aisle, establishment actors are terrified of President Trump. This isn’t surprising – Trump is a threat to centralized establishment power, and his popularity continues to grow with the People. He promised and delivered America First results, strengthening popular support and disrupting the globalist agenda of the Great Reset to the New World Order. 

    “What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”
    - President Donald J. Trump, Inauguration Speech, 2017

    The hiring authority, the People, like this candidate and want to choose him for the job. He is the most qualified with the most relevant experience and a proven track record of results. But instead of enabling the process, HR appears to be throwing out his resume and preventing the hiring authority from even considering him. 

    Trump’s disruptive populism is so triggering to the uniparty establishment that they’re now wearing tyranny as a neon sign across their foreheads. This is good for awakening, but maddening for the awake. 

    Administratively restricting ballot access is election interference. The establishment cannot beat Trump at the ballot box – no matter how many times they indict him for fake crimes – so, instead, they want to prevent him from running. In other words, the HR Manager wants a different candidate in the role and, even though it’s not her call, she is manipulating the process and blocking the best candidate from equal opportunity employment. The HR Manager should be fired – and would be fired in any other industry. 

    Trump is the only opposition candidate that threatens the establishment’s power, he is lengths ahead of his competition, and the People stand with him. If the People didn’t stand with Trump, they wouldn’t need to prevent him from appearing on the ballot. They also wouldn’t need the National Popular Vote Compact, but that’s a discussion for another day. 

    If the judicial branch doesn’t prevent Donald Trump from running for office, and legislatures don’t change the law to prevent Donald Trump from running for office, does the executive have authority, over the other two branches, to go ahead and do it anyway?

    No, they don’t. If the CEO wants to hire a specific individual, does the HR Manager have veto authority? Of course not. No matter the pressure from the lawfare machine, the Secretary does not have the unilateral authority to determine who can run. She cannot throw out the resumes of the applicants she doesn’t like and manipulate the process in favor of those she prefers. In a hiring situation, that behavior is a violation of equal opportunity laws. In elections, it’s a usurpation of the People’s authority, a violation of the sworn oath of office, and a literal threat to “our democracy.”

    The lawfare machine is trying it anyway, and that should make the blood of every liberty-loving American run cold. 

    Secretary Griswold’s office declined to comment on her plans. "We are going to officially decline to comment at this time," said Colorado State Department Spokeswoman Annie Orloff. 

    According to Newsweek, preventing Trump from accessing the ballot is a long shot, and questions about his eligibility are non-issues. That means the pressure campaign isn’t a legitimate, lawful challenge “for democracy” but, rather, very undemocratic election interference and manipulation — intended to influence the outcome of the next election.

    It’s lawfare as a political campaign strategy.

    It’s like slandering a job applicant before the interview when you fail to remove his resume from the pile. It’s bad form at best and illegal at worst. But, of course, metastatic TDS buys you state-sanctioned lawlessness and asymmetrical justice.

    Preventing the most popular candidate in the opposition party from appearing on the ballot is the stuff of third world communist dictatorships. 

    And, apparently, Colorado.

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    Ashe Epp

    Ashe Epp is a local writer and a Colorado Free Press contributor. You can find more from Ashe at linktr.ee/asheinamerica.
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    I'm always amazed at how safe these tyrants feel doing tyrant things. Seems to me, they will stop only when that feeling of personal safety is eliminated.


    "Secretary Griswold’s office declined to comment on her plans. "We are going to officially decline to comment at this time," said Colorado State Department Spokeswoman Annie Orloff."

    This right here is part of the larger problem. These folks work for the People, not the other way around. Secretary Griswold must be forced to answer, or lose her job.


    I do not believe Trump is up to the job. But if he ends up on the ballot, I will happily vote for him and pray that he start crucifying traitors day one and let the reseated SCOTUS decide 5 years from then, if he had the right to crucify traitors.


    Jena Griswold is a pig! And a Communist!


    Joe Biden and Griswold lack Ethics. Would the citizens have standing ? Respectfully yours William in Denver


    Tina Peters was right.


    Had me at "societal contract". I never signed such a thing, and no way am I going to accept blame for what my NON-representative government does to you or others.

    Government actors always become oppressors.

    John Kirschman

    The GOP in Colorado is a joke and a bunch of never Trumpers. Odea got shot down in flames (56 to 41%) because he not only disowned Trump and what was left of his base but discussed how he would work with the democrats to enact a dreamer bill! At a time when open borders is a huge problem. Ken Buck refused to censor Adam Schiff despite the fact he lied repeatedly, launched ceaseless investigations, one of only 6 GOP representatives to not vote yes. Now we have a state with a big drug and crime problem and from the state GOP...crickets!

    Brookes Jennifer

    We are being attacked. Our civil liberties are being attacked.

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