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    CO House GOP Calls For Support For Israel, Condemnation Of Hamas, Expelling Radical Democrat State Rep Tim Hernandez For Supporting Hamas

    October 13, 2023
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    Israel's single worst day of murder and rape since the Holocaust, has driven people around the world to respond to the horror inflicted by Hamas terrorists on innocent Israeli citizens on Oct 7th. The Colorado GOP State House Representatives, supported by GOP State Senators, have stepped up to provide strong state of Colorado leadership to support Israel and its people.

    Colorado Republicans have proposed a 3 page Joint House and Senate Resolution for one of its first actions in the upcoming January 2024 session.

    Yesterday, at least 15 Colorado State GOP House Representatives, with the list growing, submitted a strong statement calling for a joint resolution to support Israel. The measure calls for US federal leadership in the effort to free American hostages, and to bring justice to Palestinian terrorists who murdered Americans. The bill also rebukes despicable displays of celebration over the rape and murder of the Jewish people in Israel, and antisemitism globally.

    The letter demands the Colorado House leadership expel Rep. Tim Hernandez for his actions supporting Hamas terrorists, and also providing support to the Israeli people, the nation of Israel and all victims of the violence. Read the letter below.

    Colorado Democrat Tim Hernandez has also gained attention with recent participation in a Palestinian Rally and his failure to condemn Hamas terrorism. Here State Representative Hernandez is confronted by a reporter:

    Hernandez put out a bizarre official statement on Twitter Oct 9th:

    Denver News 9 reporter Kyle Clark on NEXT interviewed Hernandez recently. His views on "forceful" cultural revolution are contradictory to his failure to condemn the Hamas terrorism.

    Representative Hernandez is quoted stating, "White supremacy is a cultural notion, and I know because I’m a teacher. I work with teachers who fundamentally hold up white supremacy. So when I talk about a “forceful” cultural revolution, I think it’s important to remember we are not going to legislate our way out of white supremacy, it’s going to take cultural movements to reinvest in the dignity of black and brown communities to upend systems that consequently and to no end benefit white people and to make sure that we can envision a society that is a multiracial democracy.” He states because he is a Gen Z, he knows what a multicultural and multiracial society looks like. Due to a change in demographics with whites becoming the minority, “If we are still upholding white supremacy, we are not going to have systems equipped to provide for the resources and the opportunities that communities that are not accessing opportunities need, right? It’s important to me to unpack the systems that are inhibiting us from creating the opportunities for a multiracial, multiethnic cultural democracy and to me that does mean we have to take white supremacy head on, it means we have to invest in cultural opportunities to divest from white supremacy and most importantly create conditions for black and brown communities to thrive.”

    Isn't forceful cultural revolution really physical force? Representative Hernandez responded: “I’m a teacher, I don’t believe in physically forcing anybody to do anything. My job is not to even tell students what to think about white supremacy, what to think about cultural revolution. My job is to give students a full set of information and to ask them to decide." He further states "forceful” is giving each person a full force of choices and we can choose what culture, what society we are going to be investing in. Kyle Clark states "Some people see that as violence." to which Rep. Hernandez states " I understand where that comes from and I think it’s also important to remember that white supremacy is upheld by force right now, that’s how our systems operate, that’s why kids in the north and west side of Denver go to schools that are underfunded, that’s why we’re struggling for housing, that’s why students are afraid to die in schools because of gun violence because of white supremacy.

    These views are very extreme and contradictory. While Rep Hernandez is stating he is against "forceful" cultural revolution, he openly endorses the horrific acts of Hamas in the attacks against innocent human lives. While stating he is against white supremacy, he is promoting ethnic cleansing via Hamas.

    Representative Hernandez is a public official representing all the citizens of Colorado's State House District 4. We citizens need to voice our concerns over this state representative's behavior and statements which are clearly unbecoming a state house representative of the people of Colorado!

    This is the time to support for Israel and the truth. We cannot ignore the horror and murder of innocent victims in Israel and stay silent. Write and call your state of Colorado representatives and voice your support for Israel. Let them know your stance on expelling Representative Tim Hernandez from the State House for his failure to condemn Hamas mass murder! Now is the time to write and be vocal!

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