• 05/23/2024

    Colorado Republicans, Facing Power Gap, Will Try To impeach — Or Recall — Jena Griswold Over Trump Ballot Case

    April 11, 2024
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    Colorado’s super-minority House Republicans are set to launch a largely symbolic impeachment attempt against Secretary of State Jena Griswold in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling keeping former President Donald Trump on the state’s primary ballot.

    The bid, announced Thursday, came just days after the state GOP’s leader and U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert threatened to pursue a recall campaign against the Democratic official. Griswold had urged the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling by Colorado’s high court finding Trump ineligible to run under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

    Neither option would have much chance of success as Republicans castigate Griswold for her role in the case and her wider criticism of Trump. House Republicans on Thursday morning made their impeachment attempt public by releasing a letter to House Speaker Julie McCluskie, a Democrat, in which the caucus accused Griswold, who’s in the second year of her second term, of lacking “professionalism and integrity” for supporting Trump’s removal from the ballot.

    “Since being elected, the Secretary of State has used her position as a platform for her partisan political ideology and has proven herself unfit for this elected position,” wrote Rep. Ryan Armagost, a Berthoud Republican who authored the letter. It was signed by all but two members of the House Republican caucus.

    An impeachment of a state official requires a vote first by a House committee and then support from a majority of the chamber. It then would move to the Senate for a formal trial. — Denver 7

    Our Take: 
    “I’m not gonna lie, I prefer watching this nonsense from the comfort of my studio with all our Badlanders kicking it in the chat. But Tuesday, I went down to the Colorado Capitol to witness the impeachment hearing for Secretary of State Jena Griswold. It was very silly.

    First, the Resolution charges malfeasance in office and accuses the Secretary of weaponizing her office for political gain and to interfere in the upcoming election. The US Supreme Court’s 9-0 opinion on the matter proves that the endeavor was frivolous, but the entirety of the commie establishment in the Centennial State has circled the wagons to make the interference appear to be a legitimate effort.

    Such was the case again Tuesday, as the Democrats essentially screeched ‘insurrection’ and ‘democracy’! for several hours. Jena’s witnesses patted themselves on the back for being nonpartisan. Notably, two of her four witnesses were from leftist lawfare outfit Common Cause, and one of them was an attorney for the petitioners in the 9-0 case.

    No one was under oath during the proceeding, and it showed. Jena talked about how fair she is and tried, again, to pretend that she was a neutral actor in the whole affair — while running around the nation squealing that the top Republican Presidential candidate is an ‘oathbreaking insurrectionist.’

    Harry Dunn — the Capitol Police Officer that lied, under oath, during the J6 Committee hearings, about the death of Brian Sicknick. In January, Dunn was quoted in The Guardian, ‘Today, I’m running for Congress, to stop Trump’s Maga extremists and ensure it never happens again.’

    The resolution failed on a party line vote, after hours of nonsense, and Jena will no doubt take a victory lap. She said during the hearing that ‘Colorado voters do trust me!’ — to chuckles in the hearing room and public backlash online.

    Like I said, it was very silly and not nearly as fun without the Badlands chat.

    Be vigilant during the upcoming Election Season, Colorado. The communists that oversee ‘Democracy!’ will be emboldened by today’s proceeding.”

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