• 06/21/2024

    Colorado State House Session Opening Day Disrupted By Pro-Hamas Demonstrators, House Speaker Silent

    January 10, 2024
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    Screenshot. Pro-Hamas Protestors in Colorado State House

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    Is this the tone and temperament for things to come? Colorado Free Press has been covering the lead up to this session in our Colorado Series: Death of the Republic, Parts 1 through 7. Certainly looks like a very active session will continue starting on opening day today!

    On the first day of the Colorado State House Legislative Session, pro-Hamas demonstrators immediately disrupted the House proceedings while Colorado House Speaker Julie McCluskie did absolutely nothing in response. There were two representatives including Marxist Tim Hernandez, wearing keffiyehs to show their support for Palestinian terrorists. In the photos to follow you will see Tim Hernandez sitting during the presentation of the colors and then he walked out during the pledge of allegiance to the United States. Hernandez's desk features the Palestinian flag and the Colorado flag. Colorado House Republicans walked out of the chamber during the protest. Mike Lynch, GOP House Minority Leader, walked out too but then walked back in.

    Watch the video:

    Screenshot: Marxist Rep Tim Hernadez Sitting During the Presentation of the Colors
    Screenshot: Marxist Rep Tim Hernandez Seat Empty During the Pledge of Allegiance
    Screenshot: Rep Mabrey wearing keffiyeh showing solidarity with Palestinian Hamas Terrorists

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    If they can't live up to their oath, kick 'em out of the House!

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