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    Colorado State Representative District 4 Does Not Challenge Hamas Terrorist Actions, Then Confronts Reporter With Intimidation

    October 11, 2023
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    Image from Twitter. Colorado State Representative Tim Hernandez, Dist. 4

    Democrat Socialist Tim Hernandez, the newly appointed State of Colorado House Member sworn in just last month on September 12th, made radical statements concerning the Hamas terrorist murder of hundreds of innocent men, women and children in Israel.

    After attending a Colorado Palestinian community rally on Saturday Oct 7th, State Representative Hernandez posted the following official statement on his Twitter feed on Monday Oct 9th to cover :

    The day after posting this statement, State Representative Hernandez, when confronted by a citizen reporter on Tuesday Oct 10th, stopped short of any condemnation of Hamas Terrorist horrific actions.

    Later, the citizen reporter is threatened when he asks additional follow-up questions:

    What happened in Israel was the worst loss of life since the Holocaust. Is this the behavior we in Colorado expect from our public officials? These bizarre and unwarranted comments demand accountability by fellow state government officials and Colorado citizens. While we have the 1st Amendment, officials representing the public must be held accountable for their actions. Representative Hernandez represents citizens in District 4 and needs to be held to a higher standard of despite his activist past history. If you are a concerned Colorado citizen, please share your thoughts about Rep. Hernandez's statements, with our state public officials.

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