• 06/24/2024

    Colorado Suffers as Chief Executives Stare at the Sky 

    May 25, 2024
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    Governor Polis signed legislation on May 18 that “aims to provide relief to those living in the shadows of Colorado’s airports, which have been blamed for exposing people beneath flight paths to noise pollution and lead contamination,” according to the Denver Post. 

    Less than a week later, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston celebrated the inaugural flight of direct service from Dublin to Denver and X-posted that the flight is a win for Denver tourism. 

    But while state and city’s top executives are staring at the sky, the situation on the ground is a polycrisis for many in the state. 

    Karen Kennedy, Colorado Free Press

    Many Colorado residents can’t afford gas, let alone air travel, and between the migrant crisis and the drug crisis and the tax crisis and the crime crisis and the homeless crisis, you have to wonder about the guys’ priorities. 

    Speaking of the homeless, check out this expose from The Gazette on the Homeless Industrial Complex

    Remember in November. 

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    Alice Kitanoski

    What's in the sky is not from commercial airlines. Your Goverment allow chemical planes fly over your State all the time. Spreading harmful chemicals. Just look up. If the trails disappear, than it's from the commercial airlines.
    If you see the cem trails spread and stay in the sky it's from their chemical planes, they also will fly in a checker board pattern..

    I'm a commercial driver and drive thru your state often. See chem trail all the time..

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