• 06/24/2024

    Colorado Tax Crisis Continues to Plague Polis, Colorado Democrats

    May 22, 2024
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    The Governor and his pet legislature continue to play games in response to the tax crisis.

    Never let a crisis go to waste, obviously, but the government’s approach is so unpopular with voters that even mainstream outlets are covering it critically. Take this editorial from the Denver Post, where Jan Kulmann writes:

    “Last year, the legislature’s grand agreement on property tax was Proposition HH, a slick-sounding plan that repackaged refunds already owed to taxpayers and called them property tax relief. At the same time, the plan grabbed an even larger sum of taxpayer refunds to spend on public education. While clever, the plan didn’t stand up to scrutiny — there was no real tax relief in it — and the voters defeated HH in a landslide.” 

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    The failure to pass HH led to a special session that accomplished little except headlines for legislators and embarrassment for constituents. 

    Then the 2024 legislative session got underway, and as this editorial from The Gazette points out:

    “Common Sense analyzed 101 bills passed during the 2024 legislative session that, if signed by Gov. Jared Polis, will cut TABOR refunds by a combined $2.8 billion over the next three years. That’s nearly half the $6 billion total in TABOR surpluses projected for those years. Just two of the bills — creating the family-affordability tax credit and expanding the earned-income tax credit — will account for $1.8 billion of the reduction in TABOR refunds over three years.”

    This situation is definitely a crisis, as the editorial board over at Colorado Politics wrote, “Politicians who don’t want to ask for a tax increase — those who think they know what’s best for other peoples’ money — learned early on they could call a ‘tax’ a ‘fee’ and from TABOR become free.”  Cute. 

    Will Colorado taxpayers get some relief? Will TABOR reassert itself in November? Or will the overreach of the fee make the free people flee? Stay tuned. 

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