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    Colorado Voters Embarrassed About Trump Being Removed From The Ballot

    December 28, 2023
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    BREAKING: CO Supreme Court Removes Trump From 2024 Ballot

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    Colorado voters are embarrassed by what has taken place with the liberal Colorado Supreme Court removing Trump from the Primary ballot. Trump is right again, the people of Colorado are great!

    What a history we have here in Colorado. Inspired by the view from Colorado's Pike's Peak, in 1893 while teaching at Colorado College, Katherine Lee Bates wrote our famous song, America The Beautiful. From our Colorado "purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain", we Colorado voters are not a bunch of left wingers from Boulder or Denver as some want you to believe. Many of us moved to Colorado for not just the Rocky Mountains, but the freedom of the outdoors, 300 plus days of sunshine and a chance to live at high altitude and enjoy doing business and raising our families. We live on ranches and in small towns and really do know our neighbors. The elites in Denver, Boulder and some ski resorts have no clue why we in Colorado are unsettled by what justices in our state did to eliminate the leading candidate for President of the United States for this upcoming election 2024.

    It just ain't right! Voice your concern to those who need to hear, regardless of whether they are listening. Colorado is the heart of the Rocky Mountains, which form the backbone (spine) of America. Stand strong for what is right and may God Bless America (The Beautiful) with the true choice Colorado voters want!

    Trump Truth Social Post December 27, 2023

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