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    Colorado Youth Create Laws To Be Run By The Colorado Legislature

    October 27, 2023
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    Image by Mangokeylime. Colorado Youth Attempt to Create Laws

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    The battle that rages between the American ideal and the Marxist delusion in our public education system was on full display Wednesday as the Colorado Youth Advisory Council Committee met. The students sitting on this committee very articulately brought forth six bills for the five legislators to consider running during the upcoming legislative session.

    Almost a dozen parents showed up to voice their concerns over the proposed bills even though the legislation had only been made public over the weekend. The most contentious bill was Bill 1 Non-legal Name Changes. This bill is a clear violation of parental rights. If passed into law, it would force all school personnel to keep secrets from parents as they allow children to dictate what names and pronouns they will use at school. Something many Colorado school districts along the front range are already doing. Additionally, it creates a task force, populated by school personnel only, to come up with guidelines for deceiving parents that every public school must implement by the ’24-’25 school year.

    The students believe the issue is about saving children from harm and hinges on the privacy rights of children. They believe it is discriminatory not to use names and pronouns that twist reality when in actuality it is an issue of compelled speech that violates the consciences of those who believe in the Creator. Unfortunately, they lack the ability to discern fact from fiction and have bought into the narratives being crammed into their brains by the leftist school system. This generation of students has been taught to feel and to be led by their hearts, and they do it very well. They are very focused on social justice and are very capable of parroting the statist agenda. But they have no grounding in our founding principles that are steeped in the Judea-Christian ethic.

    The truth is that someone dealing with gender dysphoria needs help to recover. The family is the key to coming out of their delusion to face reality. Instead, children today are taught the opposite. Parents are barriers and what they feel dictates truth. SCOTUS said in Yoder, “This primary role of parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.” This right cannot be usurped because children want their privacy or because they are offended when a parent or another person does not use the name they prefer.

    There is a thread emerging in our society’s narrative that is pushing an increase in youth rights. They want the rights afforded to adults but without the commensurate responsibilities of being an adult. For the protection of children, we must push back against this trend at every turn and reestablish parental rights!

    There are two others bills coming out of this committee that will be seen in the 2024 legislative session. Bill 5 School Mental Health Professional Loan Repayment and Bill 6 Youth Gender-affirming Care Study. Due to the rise in labeling children with mental health issues, there has been a push to have a counselor in every school classroom. Remember, in Colorado, children have full control to direct their mental health care without parental knowledge or consent. Counselors, especially school counselors, have become the priests of the new religion of transgenderism. Now the state will be using taxpayer dollars to train these priests. (Note: Representative Weinberg (R) is cosponsoring Bill 5.)

    This year, the legislature managed to redefine “gender-affirming care” as a fundamental right and make Colorado a sanctuary state for providers of the care. Bill 6 sets up a study to essentially determine what the government can do to help subsize and establish Colorado as a destination state for this type of destructive care. The students bringing this bill forward have no clue just how harmful gender transitioning care is for youth. Several members of the Colorado chapter of Gays Against Groomers tried to enlighten them during testimony but their voices fell on deaf ears.

    Representative Vigil, who identifies as “queer” and insists on being addressed by “mix chair”, is sponsoring all three of these bills which will begin in the House. Begin now making your voice heard!

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