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    July 27, 2023
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    These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have the consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: ’Tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to set a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

    Thomas Paine

    The American Crisis

    December 19, 1776

    When Thomas Paine wrote those powerful words, the Revolutionary War was not going well. George Washington’s army had suffered defeats from September to Christmas Day 1776. “Morale was collapsing, and as enlistments expired, virtually everyone was choosing to go home. Without victory, the army would disintegrate.” (To Try Mens Souls - A Novel)

    Prior to crossing the ice-choked Delaware River the night of December 25, 1776, Washington ordered Paine’s The American Crisis pamphlet be read to his troops, before they crowded onto boats. Those words would keep a unit of loyal, ragged, cold, hungry soldiers marching through the dark, some barefoot, leaving blood on jagged ice that blanketed roads. In the early morning of December 26th, those few brave souls caught hired Hessian soldiers by surprise. Washington had his do-or-die victory, thanks to the courage of hardy men who refused to give up and submit to the yoke of a tyrant.

    Ultimately, Washington and those gritty patriots would defeat an arrogant king and the most powerful military force in Europe. They bequeathed a new nation, a country committed to liberty and justice for all citizens.

    Today, other powerful tyrants threaten the constitutional republic that courageous Founders and patriot soldiers gave us. Despite the unprecedented successes and liberties enjoyed by citizens of these United States of America, a venal cabal disdains national sovereignty and is bent on destroying the nation: Globalist Elites. These rapacious, perfumed princes and princesses are a wealthy, powerful minority that believes it is smarter than commoners and is destined to control others’ lives.

    They and their Willing Accomplices—an ubiquitous Security State-Corporate cartel comprising government bureaucracies, academia, the entertainment industry, “news” media, international corporations, Big Tech and political parties—have literally shredded the sacred documents penned by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

    In the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion” and “saving democracy,” modern Tories and storm troopers in the U.S. intelligence-military-corporate-political complex are dismantling every law and constitutional protection enjoyed by Americans for almost two-and-a-half centuries. Within 1.5 years, an arrogant Executive branch fostered an invasion of illegal aliens across the nation’s Southern border; strangled a booming fossil-fuel industry that had given America energy independence; mandated Americans be jabbed with unproven, dangerous “vaccines”, and stormed the private home of a former President of the United States.

    A codependent, power-hungry Congress dumped trillions of bogus dollars—all borrowed or simply created from nothing—into the U.S. economy, unleashing the worst inflation in four decades; conspired to create an army of 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents to harass innocents and destroy middle-American citizens’ lives; raised taxes across the board; openly strived to disarm every law-abiding American through draconian gun control measures, and systematically lied and misled voters at every turn.

    The nation’s Founders would be stunned by how flagrantly these enemies-within have attacked “liberty and justice for all,” blatantly dividing citizens into artificial camps. In the name of preserving “democracy,” malevolent anti-Americans are dismembering a once-proud and -powerful country by employing Socialist, Marxist, Maoist, Communist and “Progressive” strategies and tactics that have a worldwide, unbroken record of abject failure throughout the history of mankind. These depraved ideologies espouse equality and universal goodwill, but always devolve into tyranny—rulers versus subjects—accompanied by millions of innocents being murdered by the State.

    Make no mistake, fellow Americans: There can be no compromise with Globalist Elites.They hate the United States of America, the freedom its citizens enjoy, and every man, woman and child not in their exclusive circles. These malevolent, Godless creatures are devoid of humanitarian principles, and are committed to eliminating most of us “little people.” They derisively dismiss us as worthless “eaters,” who are consuming limited resources that only they deserve.

    Hence, the Elites have horrific, Satanistic plans to reduce the global population to approximately 500 million beings (per an inscription on the Georgia Guidestones). Of those half-billion, how many would be allowed to survive in the Globalist Elites’ transformed America? How many would be reduced to mere serfs, their sole purpose being to serve the Chosen Ones, their diabolic Masters?

    For proof that the Globalists’ plans are unfolding, look no further than the onslaught of laws and rules structured to ensure American citizens cannot defend themselves. Every gun-related incident—often committed at the hands of a deranged Leftist—is seized and leveraged into yet another restriction on private firearm ownership. Further, an endless flow of so-called “common sense” gun control laws and regulations have driven most domestic firearm and ammunition manufacturers out of business. Any gun-related entity—especially manufacturers—can no longer find a bank to handle financial transactions, thanks to Obama-era “Operation Choke Point.” This gross sledgehammer of political intimidation frightened thousands of bankers, who opted to simply not do business with legal arms manufacturers and dealers, rather than risk having a team of anti-gun bank examiners take up permanent residence in their facilities.

    Disarmament of citizens is a loud-and-clear Globalist objective. Tyrants throughout history were well-aware that armed men are free men. Disarm first, and control of the populace is guaranteed. Adolf Hitler supposedly claimed that his most significant accomplishment was disarming the German people.

    So what’s the Elites’ next step on the road to tyranny? Confiscation of citizens’ legally owned guns and ammunition. Or so Globalists envision. To date, they’ve not been fully confident that corrupted police departments and U.S. military forces indoctrinated with Marxist “woke” gibberish could be relied upon to brazenly break into homes and forcibly seize guns and ammunition legally possessed by more than 100 million innocent civilians. But unleashing the IRS to hire and train 87,000 of the “right” men and women—carefully selected individuals who are not too intelligent, willing to blindly follow orders, having little respect for law and order and hungering to “bust heads” in exchange for a piddly government paycheck—will ensure Americans falsely labeled “white supremacists” or “dangerous domestic terrorists” are neutralized.

    Globalist Elites crossed the line and launched an American color revolution in November 2020. They signaled the initiation of a no-holds-barred revolt, when Hillary Clinton conceded defeat to Donald Trump in 2016. She wore a dark suit with purple lapels, as she stood before news cameras to deliver a terse, angry speech. Behind her, husband and former president Bill Clinton sported a purple tie. Across the country, loyal TV news “reporters” and talking-head commentators suddenly developed a taste for purple ties and clothing.

    Purple was an obvious, unmistakable silent signal: The American version of a color revolution against the Trump Administration and those who backed the new president had been unleashed. This was war, orchestrated by conceited Globalists and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, aided and abetted by China’s Covid-19 pandemic. During that nightmare, ideological foot soldiers, such as paid Black Lives Matter thugs, systematically wreaked havoc across the country. By some accounts, the Purple Color Revolution peaked in November 2020, when election fraud ranging from old-fashioned ballot-box stuffing to high-tech digital vote-flipping by foreign adversaries propelled a demented puppet into the White House.

    Fellow citizens, we are out of time. Either take a stand now or bend a knee and accept a wretched existence as a serf. Real patriots—not the “sunshine” variety mentioned by Thomas Paine—are joining forces to take back America, united under the banner of a renewed Common Sense. In 2023, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

    • God created two genders—men and women. What a minority might “identify as” or purport to be is irrelevant, and we will not address them by “preferred pronouns.”

    • America is not systemically racist, and no race is superior or inferior to another. We are all Americans, united against Globalist oppression. We reject pompous Elites’ attempts to divide the nation by fomenting racial discord through false ideologies, such as Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and other Marxist forms of indoctrination.

    • There are very few “white supremacists”; most were wiped out by aggressive law enforcement campaigns decades ago. Parents of school children and ordinary, peace-loving citizens most emphatically are not “dangerous domestic terrorists” as many were branded by corrupt government and media figures.

    • The United States of America’s borders must be closed to all but legal immigrants. Without border protection and enforcement, ours is no longer a sovereign nation.

    • Control of today’s U.S. military-intelligence complex has been co-opted by corrupt, hard-hearted men and women who have literally sold their souls to the depraved Globalist Elite cabal. However, honorable, patriotic rank-and-file agents and military personnel still honor their oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Any orders from leaders to harass, arrest, imprison and fire upon American citizens are illegal and will not be obeyed. Brainwashed agents of government agencies who fail to honor and uphold this oath will be declared “Excess” and no longer employed by taxpayers.

    Law enforcement agents ordered to confiscate weapons from lawful citizens would be wise to recall the words of a retired police officer in 2012 (paraphrased): “Door-to-door confiscation by men and women in blue would be a suicide mission.”

    Military personnel ordered to do the same should remember and follow the lead of a blunt U.S. Marine Corps veteran: “We didn’t sign up to engage Americans as enemy combatants. The answer [to unlawful orders] would be ‘F*** NO!’ all the way up the chain of command.”

    To return America to the moral underpinnings and character envisioned by the Founders, courageous, common sense measures designed to ensure individual freedom, protection of private property, equal opportunity, the safety of every man, woman and child, and the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” the following are submitted:

    • To strengthen the Second Amendment and the Founders’ intent, every law-abiding American citizen age-eighteen and over will be trained in the use of firearms. Further, they will be required to keep personal weapons in their homes and qualify on a firing range once a year. (Similar to the highly successful model that has protected Switzerland for centuries.)

    • To immediately curb rampant crime, all law-abiding, properly trained citizens will be authorized to carry a concealed weapon. Criminals attempting to harass, threaten and attack citizens or rob private homes and businesses are risking their personal well-being. Crime will not be tolerated, and criminals will not be pampered.

    • Education institutions will teach traditional American History and Civics to ensure every student graduates as an informed citizen.

    • Law enforcement academies will include in-depth training on the U.S. Constitution, with emphasis on the Bill of Rights. Sworn officers must pass an annual test in these areas, to include role-playing, guaranteeing they inculcate a firm understanding that they are servants of the people, not their oppressors and masters. “Rogue” officers are to be identified by their peers and “excessed” immediately.

    • Individuals aspiring to run for elected office at all levels of government must pass written and oral tests that certify a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, with emphasis on the Bill of Rights. Term limits for state and federal senators and congressmen/legislators will be established and enforced.

    • Every person registering to vote must pass the same test given to immigrants petitioning to become naturalized U.S. citizens in the 1950s. This will make sure all American citizens/voters have a solid understanding and knowledge of the nation’s history, its Founding documents (Declaration of Independence and Constitution) and Judeo-Christian values enshrined therein.

    • Citizenship must be earned through service to the United States of America, per the model featured by Robert A. Heinlein in his classic novel, Starship Troopers.

    • Taxes: The federal tax code will be converted to a “One-Percent of Consumption” model. Properly implemented, this plan ensures revenue will be sufficient to eliminate the national debt, while adequately funding government operations.

    • Banking: Local banks will be revitalized, will not be subject to Federal Reserve dictums and will not discriminate against any person or business.

    • Energy: Immediately restore and expand the U.S. domestic fossil-fuel industry, to include oil, natural gas and coal to reinvigorate the American economy. Technology to ensure these fuels are clean-burning and environmentally friendly will be incorporated. In parallel, advanced forms of “sustainable” energy will be developed, but fielded without taxpayer-financed support. When solar, wind and other energy sources are able to stand on their own, the market will embrace them. Private investors will be incentivized to support long-term research and development of advanced sources, such as Zero-Point energy, Scalar Electromagnetics, etc. To this end, heretofore classified information related to energy production and distribution will be declassified (eg., Nikolai Tesla’s files, which were confiscated by the FBI, shortly after the inventor’s death).

    • Economic Equity: Every commercial firm with a presence in the United States of America will be incentivized to develop and implement a robust and fair Profit-Sharing System. The best ones will attract a top-flight, talented workforce, ensuring companies and both their employees and shareholders thrive and prosper.

    • Food Supply: No government entity will conspire to control and limit the growth, processing, transport and distribution of food products via private, commercial markets. American land will not be sold to foreign governments or entities.

    • Water: Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Earth is still producing fresh water, as proven by 800 wells drilled in the 1950s and 1960s. This “Geowater” (geowaterintl.com) is prolific throughout the American West. Investor incentives will be offered to develop these sources, guaranteeing abundant water for all.

    • Develop and deploy a distributed electrical supply network based on a patented radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) concept that uses low-grade radioactive waste as fuel.

    Finally, a firm message to Globalist Elites:

    We, the American people, no longer trust government and international bodies and agencies, and will not comply with draconian, freedom-constraining measures. We reject and will not submit to your political, financial and other control dictates. We will not be disarmed. We will not give up our personal property. We will not submit to tyranny. The United States of America will continue to thrive as a representative constitutional republic committed to individual liberty and justice for all citizens.

    May God continue to bless America.

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