• 06/24/2024

    Concerned Citizens Of Colorado: Instructions To The Public On How To Testify On Upcoming Bills Pending In The Colorado Capitol

    February 7, 2024
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    Screenshot. Testifying on Bills in The Colorado State Capitol

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    Colorado Free Press has been reporting in our Murder of the Republic Series and recent articles about the Colorado Democrat Supermajority attempt to shut down free speech by the minority party. In a free and healthy republic, multiple opinions and debate help shape pending legislation and representatives must have the right to comment and critique law that will impact their constituencies.

    First, the public should reach out via email, phone calls and meetings to provide support and their opinions on issues to their state representatives. In addition, Colorado citizens can also testify on pending legislative bills of interest right at the Colorado Capitol in Denver. After all, if the Supermajority Democrats do not want to listen to minority representatives in the State House, maybe a large number of Colorado citizens can make their voices heard inside the Colorado Capitol building. It is the First Amendment we are talking about in this representative Republic.

    Starting today, Colorado Free Press is providing the public instructions on how to sign up and show up to testify on pending bills. Colorado Free Press will also be providing weekly, a list of pending bills that allow in-person comment by the public. Per the First Amendment, Colorado Free Press suggests the public sign up and make their voices heard.

    In the following picture, you can read the sign up instructions to get signed up to testify:

    Here are a list of pending bills and their status:

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