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    Congressional Hispanics Not Happy Campers With Biden Administration 

    December 19, 2023
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    Capitol Hill’s Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) has not been happy with Joe Biden’s Administration for quite some time. 

    But, in recent days, the vitriolic timbre of conversations have taken on new dimensions. 

    Some in the CHC have expressed more disgust privately and publicly with Biden and his colleagues and it seems to be a potential for a tea-pot simmering face-off politically. 

    After calls with some in the past few days, one source has stated - “CHC is frustrated and pissed off and the White House had the [recent] meeting basically to check a box.”

    That check-a-box is not satisfying the Hispanic leaders. 

    The Biden Administration’s reflexive responses to these Hispanic leaders is not satisfying their concerns. 

    The intra-party fighting within the Democratic Party is real and especially, significant to Hispanic politicians going into the 2024 election. 

    For the last week after the Congressional Hispanic Caucus members publicly blasted Biden’s White House over its border policy, the CHC was able to achieve their long-demanded meeting with senior White House officials via zoom over the weekend.

    All did not end well. 

    By Saturday, senior CHC House leadership and U.S. Senators participated in a video call with Biden’s Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, who replaced Ron Klain, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been repeatedly challenged by House members over the Biden’s border policy. 

    Concerns were put on the table. 

    CHC was concerned that the Biden Administration would agree to long-term changes in U.S. border policy that would curtail migrant rights in exchange for getting votes on Capitol Hill to provide foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel. In short, sell out illegal migrants for Biden’s foreign policy. 

    During these calls, Biden White House officials walked through all the proposals on the table instead of a commitment to the Hispanic caucus’ concerns, which was what the Hispanic leadership was looking for from the Biden Administration. 

    One member told the Biden Administration what the reality was.

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    CHC Chair Congresswoman Nanette Barragan (D-CA) told the Biden Administration officials that the administration is totally underestimating the level of Democratic support in the House.

    By Monday, a larger CHC membership meeting took place as a follow-up, and tempers only increased slamming the Biden Administration. 

    “People are very shocked at the administration’s response of how they work with CHC on these issues,” said Congressman Lou Correa(D-CA). 

    The Biden administration is “assuming we’re going to go along with the totality of this [Biden’s foreign] package even though it has flawed immigration policy. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

    So, what’s at stake here? 

    If the CHC opposes the US border-Ukraine-Israel-Indo-Pacific package, the group may just join ranks with other groups who have issues with the Biden Administration’s request for over $100 billion aid, like the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and conservative Republicans, who oppose Ukraine aid.

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