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    Crime Impacts Vulnerable Aurora Residents' Access to Food and Medicine

    June 26, 2024
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    Crime in Aurora continues, largely unchecked, leading to store closures and disenfranchised area residents. From CBS News Colorado:

    “Steve Sundberg, vice chair of the [sic] Aurora's Public Safety Committee, says the area surrounding Walgreens has become a hub for people looking for more than a ride. ‘It's an open-air drug and prostitution market,’ said Sundberg. ‘The bus shelters, I think those need to be redesigned. I've even spoken with RTD security. They suggest that.’”

    The report comes as residents fear closure of the local Walgreens, the only pharmacy in a one-mile radius, and a primary food store for the community after the local Walmart closed earlier this year. 

    Photo: Kwesi Mensah Aryee, Google Local Guide

    The Walgreens may still be open, but it’s reportedly not stocked. Discussions of empty shelves led Walgreens corporate to respond that, “...they're not closing the location and that they are ‘aware of the issues and are working to maintain product availability for customers at this location.’”

    But an employee of the store told CBS a different story.

    “They have all the major drug heads in this area. They just come in and steal, especially the homeless people from the RTD stop right there”

    Turns out, when you decriminalize crime, you get more crime.

    The biggest impact of Walgreens potentially closing will likely be felt by elderly and other area residents without reliable transportation. 

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    Ashe Epp

    Ashe Epp is a local writer and a Colorado Free Press contributor. You can find more from Ashe at linktr.ee/asheinamerica.
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