• February 15, 2024

    Criminal Complaint Filed for Elder Abuse of Joe Biden

    February 15, 2024
    Screenshot. Elder Abuse of Joe Biden

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    Colorado Free Press obtained a copy of a letter from Colorado GOP Chair Dave Williams. Here is the information released:

    On Tuesday, the Colorado Republican Party, at the direction of Chairman Dave Williams, officially filed criminal complaints with the Attorneys General of Delaware and Washington, DC, as well as the Police Departments of Wilmington, Delaware and Washington, DC, for elder abuse against Joe Biden.

    It is increasingly clear that Joe Biden is not fit to live a life without supervised care, let alone lead the United States.

    His abusive Democrat handlers are ignoring Biden’s feeble health for personal and political gain and the Colorado GOP believes their misbehavior and disregard for Biden's wellbeing constitutes criminal elder abuse.

    "The Special Counsel Report from Robert Hur clearly demonstrates that Joe Biden doesn't know what's going on around him and is unable to remember basic elements of his own life," said Chairman Williams.

    "Joe Biden's cognitive decline is playing out in front of the world to the point where federal prosecutors refuse to hold him accountable for criminal offenses because he is not mentally or physically fit to defend himself. Enough is enough, we need to hold those surrounding him accountable for continuing this cycle of abuse," concluded Chairman Williams.

    The Colorado GOP is asking for immediate prosecution of those who are abusing Joe Biden, including but not limited to Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and any aide who served the President from January 20th, 2021, to the present day.

    Joe Biden should not suffer any longer. The authorities contacted by the Colorado GOP must act to end this clear case of elder abuse while preserving the nation's own wellbeing.

    The attached complaint details a pattern of mental and physical incapacitation of Joe Biden. This elder abuse can no longer be ignored. 

    Read the filed Elder Abuse Complaint here:

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    Grace Roberts

    This is brilliant! Other state GOP’s should join in.


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