• 06/24/2024

    Darwin Awards: 70% Of Democrats Will Get New mRNA Covid Shot

    October 6, 2023
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    Image by Jeremy Bostwick

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    Perhaps we are undergoing a massive cleansing of the human gene pool.

    A new poll reported by Disclose.tv shows that approximately 70% of Democrats will get the new mRNA Covid vaccine.

    This is after a plethora of evidence showing the shots are harmful and do not work to prevent transmission, and increases your chance of getting Covid.

    Darwin called this natural selection.

    In other words, if you are of low intelligence, or of weak mind, you will not help the species long-term by reproducing.

    Many of those taking the new vaccines will have their health negatively impacted or will die.

    It's that simple.

    Think Galapagos Islands.

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