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    Dave Williams Responds to Critics, Pride Controversy

    June 12, 2024
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    With mounting calls to resign from Democrats and establishment party members, Colorado Republican Party Chair Dave Williams has officially responded to the controversy.

    "The Pride Month agenda is in full swing and its goals are to attack parental rights, harm children, and silence any vocal opposition to it.

    Again, we make no apologies for standing against those who would groom or confuse children into transgender procedures that would mutilate and chemically castrate them. 

    At a recent debate, I was asked to respond to Pride activists, and I made clear that I was prepared to lose everything, including an election as well as my position over this fight because "to live is Christ and to die is gain" as stated in Philippians 1:21.(Watch the video clip above unlessyou are easily triggered, or intolerant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ like Kyle Clark from 9 News.)

    But sadly, we now have weak establishment Republicans who want to join radical Democrats and the press in defending this child-harming Pride Month agenda so they can be praised by the fake news media and cultural elitists."

    Read Williams' Full Statement Here

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