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    October 4, 2023
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    Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine

    As a former military number, I am humbled and inspired that I can look to brave citizens such as RFK Jr, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Meryl Nass, and untold other courageous medical and legal professionals for accurate information related to medical choice.

    Traditionally, I always trust, but verify, anything related to medical information. The abovementioned citizens, despite great professional risk, challenged the government’s ‘approved’ narratives. They passed the test compared to “DisMal” efforts by past and current government and military officials. It’s embarrassing that history proves we cannot trust, but instead must diligently verify, medical data from government officials. A case in point includes past pronouncements about COVID vaccine approvals.

    It's important to reflect back on recent experience, beginning in August 2021, when COVID vaccines were first purportedly “approved.” Over the course of the next two years the actual manufactured, bottled, and labeled “approved” COVID vaccine never made it to the US marketplace. Instead, the government and the military provided unapproved product under reissued Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs). These authorizations enjoyed a different regulatory standard compared to approved products, not to mention a different legal framework regarding the propriety of mandates. EUA’s cannot be mandated.

    The government never admitted to the hocus pocus and gargantuan fraud that was perpetuated on the American people and the American military regarding the availability of approved shots. It was a shamefully embarrassing moment in our government's history. EUA products were investigational unapproved medical countermeasures that could not be legally mandated. Citizens indisputably had the “option to accept or refuse.” For citizens refer to 21 USC 360bbb-3 and for the military see 10 USC 1107a.

    The bad behaviors exemplified during the pandemic mandates by the government and military against our citizenry and troops were akin to the perpetuation of a historic fraud related to the anthrax vaccine controversy from over two decades ago. Like the COVID vaccines, where the government claimed the available product was FDA approved, in fact anthrax vaccine was an investigational unapproved product because it did not have a finalized license by the Food and Drug Administration. Federal courts affirmed that vaccine was being used in an investigational manner for a purpose that was not approved.

    Worse yet, in 2001 the anthrax vaccine program was headed for cancellation due to known inadequacies and a Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) of the manufacturer’s license due to invalidation and deviations. Unfortunately, the negative review by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was upended by the anthrax letter attacks amidst the 9-11 tragedies. The fear bomb of the letter attacks, ultimately ruled by the FBI to have come from inside the military with the motive to save the failing program, scared the government into accelerating that vaccine program. The anthrax vaccine licensing deficiencies ultimately led to federal courts deeming the program illegal, declaring that the military would not be allowed to treat our soldiers as “guinea pigs,” and affirming that use of EUA anthrax vaccine was strictly voluntary.

    Instead of learning lessons from this dishonorable time in American military and government drug regulation history, twenty years later, in 2021, our government repeated the same fraudulent scheme by passing off investigational unapproved EUA medical products as though they were fully approved. Significantly, just as the two-decade old illegal anthrax vaccine program was halted by the federal judiciary, the legislature halted the DoD’s COVID vaccine mandate.

    The White House also threw in the towel on all of the other federal mandates. All prior COVID vaccines, original monovalent vaccines, and bivalent boosters, everything, was deauthorized. All of the mandates, which were preemptively declared illegal by a variety of courts up to the Supreme Court, were rescinded. Over $25 billion of taxpayer money was spent on the original COVID vaccines, and they all went into the dumpster, not to mention the $4.9 billion spent on bivalent vaccines just this past year.

    Most recently, as of September 11, 2023, the government maintains that they're providing a new updated approved and authorized COVID vaccine, without new clinical trials, and despite unresolved questions related to the original clinical trials that the “updated” and amended approvals are based on. It’s extremely confusing, perhaps by design, especially about whether or not the updated approvals are proper, not to mention serious questions about safety and efficacy. Future journalists and historians will sort it out, while the American people must evaluate the history on their own, in consultation with their medical providers, as always should have been the case for medical choice, according to the law.

    My suggestion would be to carefully analyze the government's past missteps as we move forward and to determine whether or not the government actually provided properly approved and labeled Comirnaty or Spikevax product for the Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccines respectively, in 2021. In 2023, Americans deserve the ground truth on that threshold question of what exactly is being provided with updated, relabeled, possibly recycled and repurposed vaccine. If the approved labels appear this time, it’s important to understand that earlier EUA products endured limited testing and oversight compared to the safety and efficacy testing usually required under the law, possibly tainting tertiary approvals.

    From a historical lens, it's equally important for Americans to understand that for 100 years our government officials diligently ensured that the drug products provided to our citizens were increasingly, more stringently proven safe and effective. That all changed beginning with the anthrax vaccine illegality debacle where they changed the laws in 2005, changed the standards to a “reasonable belief” that the product “may be effective” and “without waiting for all the information that would be needed for an FDA approval.” FDA used a “lower level of evidence,” for vaccines or drugs under the EUA construct. The anthrax vaccine was the precedent EUA products, and it was voluntary, until they forgot that standard.

    Moving forward, regardless of whether or not the government actually provides FDA approved product according to their snappy paperwork and new lower approval standards, the American people have to decide whether or not these diluted requirements are acceptable now or in the future. Americans must demand the FDA return to their original standards and preamble that affirmed the “importance to the American public of safe and effective vaccines cannot be understated.” Those words are non-existent on the FDA or CDC websites today. Instead liability immunity seems to be the new preamble of the FDA. 

    I have learned to trust, but verify, the information that comes from professionals like RFK Jr, Drs. McCullough, Risch, Nass, and others, but sadly I have also learned not to trust and to absolutely verify the information coming from the government based on their track record of manipulating and playing the American people. Disinformation related to proximal origins, misinformation related to availability of approved products, and malinformation about medical professionals--not a good track record.

    While it is ironic that a former military member actually finds inspiration and courage from these courageous citizens, versus the other way around, I am grateful we have such role models who we can trust and follow. Government officials should follow their example and show the humility and courage to admit and correct their past DIS-MAL-information in order to verify the trust of the American people. 

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    Rob William


    Lot Balonem Warszawa

    Your writing style is captivating! I was hooked from the first paragraph. The way you weave facts with narrative is truly skillful. This post not only informed me but also entertained. Can't wait to see what you write next!

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