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    DoD Report on sexual harassment/violence at Federal Military Academies

    June 30, 2023
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    Image by Chesipiero USAF Academy

    The new DoD Report on Sexual Harassment/Violence at Federal Military Academies show an 18% increase in sexual assaults over three years.

    The emotion of this report is felt by those close to the academies, especially in the alumni community. As graduates, we want to see cadets thriving/supporting each other with dignity and respect. After this disturbing report, it’s not surprising to see calls for a “culture reset” and what might change in “training”. 
    Training is great for gaining knowledge and skills, yet, most training programs, rarely lead to sustainable change. Transformation requires a holistic approach, known as the “Heart, Head, and Hands” of transformation. Most training programs focus on the Head (memorize and learn) and Hands (these behaviors are healthy/unhealthy). In recent years have we seen effective organization change efforts focus on all three, especially the Heart. 

    Another way of framing is “Feel-Think-Do” which starts with an engaging learning experience through shared activities, not “training content”. The idea is to create a positive feeling about the experience that opens doors to new ways of thinking. 


    1. Are Academies doing everything they can to prevent sexual assaults?

    2. When sexual assaults occur can victims report without fear of reprisal?

    3. Are investigations done thoroughly and without bias?

    4. Are victims given support and counseling to assist their recovery in every way possible? 

    5. Is a new approach to designing the learning experience needed to move the needle in this critical area?

    Time for a deep dive to assess the answers.

    Written by Mark Hyatt, Colorado Free Press Contributor.

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