• 07/23/2024

    Four Anti-Second Amendment Bills In Committee at The Colorado Capitol

    February 20, 2024

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    Its a new session at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver and another opportunity to infringe on law abiding citizens 2A rights. Here are four bills pending in Committee you should be aware of:

    SB24-066 - Firearms Merchant Category Code

    This bill will require payment processors to assign unique codes to any purchases of firearms or ammunition, threatening a $10,000 fine to any processor not in compliance. Tracks weapons and ammunition purchases.

    HB24-1292 - Prohibit Certain Weapons Used in Mass Shootings

    2A ban on weapons. The bill defines the term "assault weapon" and prohibits a person from manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, offering to sell, or transferring ownership of an assault weapon. The bill further prohibits a person from possessing a rapid-fire trigger activator. A person in violation of the prohibitions will be assessed a first-time penalty of $250,000 and $500,000 for each subsequent violation. Does not apply to specified government employees.

    HB24-1270 - Firearm Liability Insurance Requirement

    This bill will require firearm owners to maintain a liability insurance policy. Failure to maintain firearm liability insurance will result in a $500 fine for the first offense, and $1,000 for the second. Individuals who are denied insurance, or who cannot afford a policy are able to request the court for an exemption on a case by case basis. How does "will not be infringed" from 2A apply here?

    HB24-1174 - Concealed Carry Permits & Training

    Under existing Colorado law, an applicant for a permit to carry a concealed handgun must already demonstrate competence with a handgun. This bill aims to drastically expand the training and education involved in exercising your Second Amendment rights. Now citizens will be required to get more training and pay for more classes.

    Make your voices heard and contact your state representativea to protect your 2A Constitutional rights!

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    How long will we allow states to attack the 2nd amendment which these lawmakers have sworn to uphold. This is out and out treason against all Americans by those who think they have superior rights that trump the constitution. BTW we are a democratic republic built upon the foundation of the constitution which is the highest law of the land.

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