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    Globalist G20 Summit Announces Plan For Digital Currency

    September 21, 2023
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    Alex Newman on OAN Discusses Global Digital Currency. Published with permission from Alex Newman.

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    Cash has always been king, but globalists are pushing for a centralized digital currency to dethrone it. This trackable, manipulatable form of currency is a threat to every citizen’s privacy and sovereignty.

    On One America News Network, investigative journalist Alex Newman dissects this globalist scheme to impose digital currency on everyone through the upcoming G20 Summit.

    Video of Alex Newman Discussing the G20 Planning for Digital Currency and The UN War against Covid and Climate Misinformation. Reposted with permission from Alex Newman.

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    We did not vote for any of this.

    Unelected bureaucrats and ultra wealthy people need to go back to their castles and leave us the hell alone. Kindly, thank you.

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