• July 15, 2023

    Go See 'Sound Of Freedom'

    July 15, 2023
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    Guest post by Anonymous...

    I took my daughter to see 'Sound of Freedom' today.

    I wanted her to understand the evil that is maneuvering against her in today's world.

    I think the film really opened her eyes -- it hit the mark.

    The first thing I noticed was the theater was sold out for the matinee. Literally, not one seat left. We had to buy the handicapped seats once the film started to get inside.

    The second thing I noticed was there was not a sound in the theater during the movie. No phones, no texts, nothing. People were engrossed and shocked by what they were seeing. There were several gasps of horror which those watching could not hold in.

    People sat through the end of the film and watched all the credits, then watched the special message after the credits rolled.


    They were moved by this production and its message.

    I highly recommend taking your entire family to see this movie, and support free media. Support awareness of the trafficking issue, and shame the Biden administration's involvement in the evil coming across our southern border.

    The American sleeping giant is awakening, and this film is helping that process.

    Reports are the film has grossed $40 million so far.

    Good for them.

    Boycott Hollywood. Only watch movies made by people who don't want to kill you.

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