July 29, 2023

Go See The Essential Church Movie

July 29, 2023
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Our faith is not just what we believe, it is who we are as a created being as we reflect the image of God and his son Jesus. We are here to spread the Gospel and witness as believers. Our work is not meant to be easy or comfortable, but purposeful. Here is a movie released to define what serving really is through stories of the past and most recently during the Pandemic. The Church stands for biblical truth. Go see this movie playing now in theaters.



Jim Zietlow

Colonel Jim Zietlow, USAF retired, is a US Air Force Academy graduate, served as a T-38 and T-41 Instructor Pilot and worldwide as a C-5 Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner. He served as a C-5/C-17 Program Manager at the Pentagon followed by a special assignment to the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of US Congressional Legislative Liaison, Weapon Systems Division during the 9/11/2001 era. Following 9/11, Jim transferred to HQ NORAD USNORTHCOM in their Homeland Defense and Civil Support missions serving as a Program Manager, Military Plans Branch Chief culminating his military career as HQ NORAD USNORTHCOM Command Center Director. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components.
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