• 07/23/2024

    Gold Star Widow & CFP Contributor Karen Kennedy Calls Out Harmful Mainstream Narrative

    June 20, 2024
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    Karen Kennedy is a Colorado Free Press contributor and a good friend of The Colorado Show. Karen joined Ashe and Darren on May 19, to share her reporting on homelessness in Aurora. Watch here.

    Our girl went viral Thursday for an intimate and emotional TikTok video about her experiences as a Gold Star widow and President Trump's accomplishments for our nation's heroes.

    “I'm the widow, gold star military widow of Staff Sergeant Joseph Kennedy. And I am making this declarative statement, and I want you to listen, because I have every right to speak on this matter: There are advertisements going around from the Democrats saying that Donald Trump called soldiers losers and suckers. That is categorically false. It is insulting. Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower, you literally just pull this narrative out of the depths of hell and you distribute it like a virus. He never said anything of the sort. And I am not just saying that because I proudly voted for him and I'm going to do it again but because it's wrong. It's wrong to make something up so horrible. And please spare me your bracelet jingling. You don't even like the military. The only reason you ever even talk about us is when you're talking about turning it completely woke. You don't care about soldiers. You don't care about our families... Do not believe these people. Your attempts to insult our intelligence any further will be met with the hand in your face and the loss of the 2024 election.”

    Karen Kennedy, Gold Star Widow

    Watch the full video here:

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    Ashe Epp

    Ashe Epp is a local writer and a Colorado Free Press contributor. You can find more from Ashe at linktr.ee/asheinamerica.
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