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    Government Schools Are Twisting Your Child’s Conscience

    June 27, 2023
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    Image by Ragettho.  Colorado High School seniors

    In the waning hours of the Colorado legislature this year, a mom who lives in Boulder testified in the House Judiciary Committee that her son “is constantly self-censoring, not because he is withholding hateful comments…but because he doesn’t share their ideology or life choices.” She went on to explain that at his public High School he is told to affirm and respect those who think they are animals or identify as a disabled person despite being perfectly healthy. Saying anything that borders on common sense could land her child in the principal’s office.

    The trend across Colorado and the United States is to force the restructuring of our common language to accommodate a wayward ideology. The students at the University of Colorado Boulder claim on the university’s website that using proper English pronouns is an “act of violence”. They advise playing it safe and using they/them pronouns for everybody.

    The absurdity of being forced to affirm a reality that twists the truth for someone’s delusions is pushing our children in particular into a world of grave cognitive dissonance and endangers the future of our unalienable right to free speech. The first amendment to the US Constitution is the expression of a person’s conscience. When a government forces their people to adhere to their prescribed religion, speech, or association, the inherent, God-given conscience of the people is exchanged for the government’s and they are no longer a free people.

    A bill that passed this year in Colorado defines “harassment” for the K-12 public schools as “unwelcome” speech that is directed toward a student’s membership or perceived membership in a protected class. Even though religion is listed as a protected class, the state of Colorado, through its persecution of Jack Phillips and his cakeshop, has made it very clear that the Christian religion and its principles of morality are not to be tolerated. The Judeo-Christian ethics our country was founded on stand in stark contrast to the morality of the day and are incompatible with the Marxist agenda overtaking our country.

    Even without this law, decent children are self-censoring themselves. When schools implement this new law that grants perks to any child who claims harassment or discrimination and reprimands those who attempt to speak truth, the morality of the state will become whatever the state determines it to be and we will have willingly given over our freedoms. All at the altar of accommodation and faux compassion. Knowledge and truth are the doorway to freedom. Schools used to be about grappling with what is true but these days they are about constructing a reality devoid of truth. Like the saying attributed to Klaus Schwab says “you’ll own nothing and be happy.” The first possession a person owns is their mind and they seek to own it.

    “In those wretched countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce call anything his own. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech; a thing terrible to public traitors.” Benjamin Franklin

    Written by Carolyn Martin, Colorado Free Press Contributor

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    We wrote our scathing letter to the CO school board. They ruined public education in the state of Colorado. Action reaction though, and parents are not having it. Even many students have grown fatigued of the never ending social justice and virtue signaling. Enter a new string of charter schools. That's where our children now attend and they're quite happy.

    I remember in my day, if one could simply outrun the truancy officer, everything was fine and dandy to just come back to school the next day or even later the same day. There were no police officers at the school, as hardly any students were on psychotropic pharmasuetical medications, most people were sane and reasonably well grounded. For those whom were not, they were free to ditch class and throw away their educational future if they so chose. Schools were primarily for children whom wanted to be there, mandatory attendance was given far less priority. Primarily it is the over exertion of authority which have paved the way for that authority to morph into new even more disturbing totalitarian trends.

    There was a different but far better functional dynamic in the several generations leading up to now. Young people were free to make mistakes and suffer the consequences of those voluntary choices at a younger age, and subsequently learned important lessons prior to becoming adults where such similar mistakes may cause substantially more harm to others or themselves. They got it out of their system at an early age so to speak, along with learning the importance of respecting others, or at a minimum, tolerating their idiocy.

    The excess authority imposed by egotists within education will always be a problem. The goal of safe spaces is counter productive to a safe society, because coddled and controlled children whom do not learn how to function and survive in dynamic group settings just grow up to become quite dangerous and disruptive adults whom do not even grasp the tenets of basic respect. That's why those adults whom now populate the majority of public school positions think it's o.k. to hand pornography and sex toys to young children, to indoctrinate them with funky pronouns, to institute SEL data mining and prioritize indoctrination over education, to ignore parental objections, rule by committee, all of that is a result of nobody putting them in their place. As someone on the internet so eloquently stated; 'A swift kick in the nuts should help them solve their gender confusion.'

    For all the people with an overly developed sense of sensibility, pushing glee clubs, gay straight alliance indoctrination, parroting all the liberal talking points and promoting socialism to our children; I've got your hate speech right here, but you'll have to wait in a very long line to get your turn. Bozos. Don't they understand I hate just about everyone equally?

    We're not going to bake that cake. We're not going to say what they want us to say or think how they want us to think. The sooner these entitled over paid public school people get put in their place and pipe the hell down, the better. Nobody cares about their causes or beliefs. The levels of unprofessional behavior at public schools is just plainly out of control these days. That being said, we still wish them well and unlike them, will continue to treat everyone equally and not deny them any opportunity or benefit, like they so routinely do to us.

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