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    Intentional Invasion at America’s Border, Local Sheriff Pushes Back!

    February 22, 2024
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    Two thousand twenty-four (2024) Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord, America’s future as a Constitutional Republic hangs by a fragile thread, our future as a sovereign nation is threatened like never before, the rule of law and our very lives are jeopardized in ways we have not faced in our modern history. Civilized society’s and even humanity’s existence is under dire threat.

    The Biden Administration is intentionally choosing to ignore its most basic responsibilities and duties to the people of America under our Constitution: protect the borders of the United States of America. These actions of a rogue administration are correctly perceived by more than 77% of Americans as a purposeful demolition of the United States of America. Their goal? Create the New World Order under globalist totalitarian control.

    If the rapid escalation of lawlessness, deterioration in our economy, and wide open borders are not enough to compel Americans to participate in preserving their Constitutional Republic, then maybe we have no business in existing as a country anymore. The apathetic attitude so many Americans embrace must die in order for the Repulic to survive. This is the harsh reality we all face as Americans in the “Year of Decision”.

    2024 is the “Year of Decision”. 2024 is the year We the People decide if we are going to stand against this assault of the forces of treason and destruction and work all legal avenues available to us to preserve our Republic, our freedom and our lives…or will we choose to ignore the threats and lost all that our ancestors risked blood and treasure to create and defend. We need to act at every level of governance now to push back at the evil destruction and tyranny that has gone unchecked for far too long.

    Rays of hope are emerging in the storm clouds.  These bright lights of local actions are shining in the darkness and dissipating the darkness’s stranglehold on America.  As Scripture reminds us in  John 1:5 “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” 

    One ray of hope shone brilliantly when Texas citizens, border county sheriffs, retired military veterans and a few courageous politicians exerted enough pressure on the Governor of Texas that finally the state of Texas stood strongly against the Biden Administration malevolent actions to destroy Texas’ border defenses, in violation of federal law requiring the Federal Government to enforce immigration laws. 

    Texas made a legal and constitutional stand to protect its border against a lawless Biden Administration’s intentional actions opening our southern border to hundreds of thousands of unscreened military-aged male illegals being financially supported by the UN, US taxpayers, and NGOs (including Catholic Charities and other church groups being paid to assist the invasion), and then dispersing them into cities, towns, and small communities across America – also at taxpayer expense.

    Texas’s recent example has been extremely successful at showing Americans how peaceful, lawful resistance and legal action can accomplish what is needed to secure one state’s border.  Americans inspired to take back their birthright and peacefully protest against a rogue government can still have major impact.

    Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County Arizona is another ray of hope. He launched operation Safe Streets II in October of 2023. Operation Safe Streets II is an agreement with surrounding counties or municipalities to swarm deputies and other law enforcement assets into Cochise County to stop the wie open flood gates of illegals from third world countries around the world entering the US via the border with Mexico.  Sheriff Dannels’ creative approach has worked so well that Cochise County now has a sizable border interdiction team in their sheriff’s department. The interdiction team has gone from 3 to 35 deputies in recent months.

    Cochise County’s success has been so striking and so effective that that the illegal invaders are avoiding Cochise Country and moving over the Piima Co. Az and Santa Cruz County AZ where the local Sheriffs are completely failing to follow immigration law and the Sheriff’s Deputies are ordered to assist the illegal border crossers. 

    James O’Keefe, of O’Keefe Media Group, has been doing extensive undercover video reporting on the lawlessness of Pima County Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Nanos. We encourage listeners to follow @JamesOKeefeIII on X and watch the videos documenting the NO MAS MUERTES @NoMoreDeaths encampment in the middle of the desert in Aravaca, Arizona near the border. From a recent James O’Keefe post on X: “Posing as donors and land surveyors, and with the help of an illegal immigrant working undercover, OMG recordings show this nonprofit engaged in paranoia, hostility towards law enforcement and white people, recommendations to violate asylum law, and offers of for-profit services – actions related more to a human trafficking operation than a humanitarian nonprofit…(No More Deaths is) a “ministry” of the Universal Unitarian church of Tucson @UCCTucson, and a 501(c)(3) which does not file a public tax return. O’Keefe’s ‘surveyor’ team recorded No More Deaths staff in the camp discuss their operations in detail including their budget ($400,000) and discovered the identity of the staff –which they went to great lengths to keep secret.”

    Today’s Whistleblower Report host, Major Mike Gary, Military expert in Chemical/Biological/Radiological/ Nuclear Weapons, interviews retired Master Sergeant Jack Dona, an Intelligence Electronic Warfare Aviation Systems Repairman about the Arizona border. These two veterans collectively share 59 years of total service in the US Military. They share an interesting perspective as they both live in border states: Maine and Arizona. They both deeply love their country and want to see it return to its greatness and rule of law.

    The illegal invasion is too dire to be ignored any longer.  Local communities across America are feeling the impact now. It is impossible to dismiss the national security threats of this invasion of military-aged males. The border invasion is affecting the financial and physical security of all Americans. All 50 states are now reeling under rising crime and rapidly escalating welfare costs, and collapsing social systems just as planned in the Cloward-Piven Strategy for a Marxist take-over of America.

    Texas’ Operation Lone Star and Arizona Sheriff Dannels’ Operation Safe Streets II are inspiring examples of what Americans can accomplish following the rule of law that has always been our strength…IF we have the WILL to be creative, and to STAND against the blatant lawlessness we face today. try. Other Sheriffs n this fight need to implement similar programs. As Americans, we need to share our successes and work together with every legal option available to use in to protect our Nation’s sovereignty.

    For additional background:

    ‘Enough is enough”: Operation Safe Streets II to combat border crisis in Cochise County | Border News | myheraldreview.com

    Follow @JamesOKeefeIII on X for more details on the Pima County Az expose of the Pima Co Sheriff’s Dept involvement in protecting illegal invaders and the NO MAS MUERTES, @NoMoreDeaths encampment in the middle of the desert in Aravaca, Arizona near the border. https://citizenwatchreport.com/james-okeefe-doesnt-play-games-in-pima-county/

    WATCH Ben Bergquam: Unbelievable Footage of Illegal Alien Camp on US Soil in Arivaca, Arizona | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

    US Border WIDE Open: Arizona’s Illegal Invader Crisis is Felt Nationally – Truth for Health Foundation

    Triad Weed: Valentine’s Day Bust Breaks Heart of New York Man Illegally Growing 1,310 Pot Plants in Norridgewock, Maine – The Maine Wire

    BREAKING: Sheriffs Raid Multiple Triad Weed Properties Throughout Central, Northern Maine – Guilford, Mercer, Corinna & Sangerville – The Maine Wire

    Published with permission from Dr. Elizabeth Vliet at TruthForHealth.org.

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