• 06/24/2024

    International Report VOX POPULI (VOICE OF THE PEOPLE) Say No To Tyranny

    December 7, 2023

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    In this Truth For Health Foundation Whistleblower report, we get an update from the Croatia What's Coming in 2024 Conference following their meeting December 1-2. Conference organizers faced big obstacles placed by the established Croatian government trying to prevent the information about global tyranny and control from being made public. In this audio interview, special guests discuss the conference and worldwide implications for what global elites are planning for our lives in 2024 and beyond to include our food supply and what to peacefully do in response to it. Listen to the audio for more information.

    Published with permission from Truth For Health Foundation.

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    The fact that you like your website is clear; nonetheless, a number of your posts may use some editing to improve their spelling and punctuation. I will most certainly come back; but, the fact that so many of them contain misspellings is incredibly annoying to me. On the one hand, I will absolutely come back.

    Jim Zietlow

    We strive to do well and will work on our spelling and punctuation. Thank you for your note. Thanks for reading Colorado Free Press!

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