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    Israeli Hostages’ Medications Found in Gaza Hospital

    February 19, 2024
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    Today, the IDF released information that troops operating in a hospital in the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis found medications marked to be delivered to the hostages. Following a supposed “breakthrough” weeks ago in which Hamas agreed to bring life-saving medicines to the hostages, their families have desperately awaited a signal that the medications reached their loved ones.

    Sadly, the find proves that the hostages did not in fact receive their much-needed medicines. The revelation also aligns with the testimony provided by the two hostages who were rescued by the IDF last week, who said they did not receive medications during their captivity.

    This confirmation of Israelis’ fears also makes sense when seen through the lens of an additional revelation: according to Israeli authorities, 12% of UNRWA employees are officially linked to a Gaza terror organization, while 30 employees actively took part in October 7th. How can anyone trust this organization to take care of the hostages when it is itself complicit in their captivity?

    Other Fronts: Hizballah threatens Israel | Israeli gov unanimously opposes Palestinian state

    • “Blood for blood” – Following extensive Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon at the end of last week, the Lebanese group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened: Israel will pay “blood for blood.” He also claimed that the group had the military capacity to score missile hits as far as Eilat. The threat – his most direct and vicious to date – comes amid an escalation on Israel’s northern border.
    • Rewarding terror – This morning, the Israeli government unanimously approved a bill rejecting international attempts to found a Palestinian state. Government ministers from across the political spectrum said the move – apparently spearheaded by the Biden Admin – confirmed to Hamas that the mass murder of Israelis pays off.
    • Hostage protests – The “Order 9” movement continued blocking aid from entering Gaza this morning via the Nitzana crossing. The ongoing protest event outside of Gaza comes a day after mass protests for the hostages’ release in Tel Aviv and Caesarea, during which four protesters were arrested. An Israeli minister said this morning that if hostages weren’t released, Israel would attack in Rafiah.
    • Egypt allegedly preparing for displaced Gazans – After months of refusing to accept Palestinian refugees from Gaza, an Egyptian minister issued a surprising statement which seemingly indicated a softened stance on the issue. Some photos have also surfaced of a massive compound Egypt is allegedly building in Sinai to house as many as 100,000 displaced individuals. Israel has not commented.
    • Well-known church to WH: End Israel funding – The American Methodist Episcopal Church, which boasts more than 3 million members across the US, called on the Biden White House to cease funding to Israel due to ongoing “genocide” in Gaza. They are the first major Christian organization to do so, although some Israelis fear that others will follow suite.
    • Additional anti-Semitism –  Brazilian President Lula outrageously compared Israel's military campaign against Hamas to Hitler's Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered. Lula also said Israel was committing genocide in Gaza. Israel's Foreign Minister has summoned the Brazilian ambassador to a conversation tomorrow, a move which diplomatically signifies extreme displeasure. Additionally, the owner of a ski shop in Davos, Switzerland has refused to service Jewish customers. The move comes amid record anti-Semitism throughout Europe.

    Thank You: South Africa’s Christians Take a Stand for Israel

    In the shadow of an ongoing lawsuit levelled against Israel by South Africa at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), hundreds of South African Christians are planning events across the country in support of the Jewish State.

    One leader of the movement said that there are many in the country who disagree with the government’s decision to charge Israel with genocide, including some members of the nation’s opposition. The prayer event organized in major cities will focus on denouncing the lawsuit, expressing support for Israel, and praying for change in South Africa itself.

    Earlier, Christian leaders sent an open letter to members of the South African government which correctly accused them of supporting Hamas’ tactics on October 7th.

    Thank you for continuing to support Israel! We need your continued support and prayer.

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    • Pressure on Hamas to release the hostages and supernatural protection over them in captivity. For the rescue of additional hostages.
    • Comfort for the families of Israel's fallen and hope for those whose loved ones are among those still held hostage by Hamas.
    • Protection over Israel's soldiers, those fighting both above and below ground inside Gaza as well as those fighting on Israel’s other fronts.
    • For deterrence against Hizballah and the restoration of calm on Israel’s northern border.
    • Healing for the injured, especially those fighting various bacterial and fungal infections acquired in Gaza and for wisdom for medical teams treating these cases.
    • Protection over Israelis – soldiers and civilians – who are struggling with PTSD.
    • Wisdom and unity in Israel’s political and military spheres. For leaders to choose Israel’s good over their own political interests.
    • Continued international backing of Israel, especially in light of the coming IDF campaign in southern Gaza.
    • Continued cooperation between Israel and Egypt against Hamas.
    • For determined action against anti-Semitism throughout the world.
    • For the Body of Messiah throughout the world to wake up and take a stand for God and for Israel.
    • Funding for our continued work through "Operation Restoration" to support evacuated Israeli families.
    • God's provision for civilians in the line of fire, especially in northern Israel, who would like to evacuate.
    • The people of Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the rest of the Arab world to awaken to the truth and come to know the God of Israel.
    • The LORD's peace to rule over our land and in the hearts of all in Israel and for Israel to come to know her Messiah!

    Published with permission from Hope For Israel.

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