• August 11, 2023

    Media Matters: THE TRUTH MATTERS: Part 1

    August 11, 2023
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    By Chris Gleason


    Who Is Media Matters? Part 1

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    It is a left wing 501c3 non profit founded by David Brock in 2004. If the name David Brock sounds familiar to you, it might be because he was once part of a celebrated Washington D.C. power couple with James Alefantis. Be sure to follow the link and take note of the illustrious names on that TOP TEN list.

    James Alefantis is the proud restaurateur behind the infamous DC pizzaria named Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis made headlines over the now infamous Pizzagate story about child sex trafficking and pedophilia. His since deleted Instagram posts raised far more questions than were ever "debunked".

    Alefantis was the beneficiary of the Media Matters propaganda machine and the media networks tied to the global newswire services that love to claim they "fully debunked" the story. One former ABC News reporter, James Gordon Meek, who bragged about "debunking" evidence of "Pizzagate" was arrested and recently pled guilty to child pornography charges. In one disturbing message, Meek allegedly asked someone on a chat app, “Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing.” In another message he shared a perverted fantasy of “abducting, drugging, and raping” a 12-year-old girl. Did James Gordon Meek really "debunk Pizzagate" or did he make the claims seem even more plausible?

    Do you know how many of the NYC detectives who saw the contents of the Anthony Weiner laptop are still alive? Maybe Media Matters can write an article on that for us?

    Today, David Brock is actively engaged in lawfare via another newly created 501c3 that also illegally engages in partisan campaign activities targeting conservative Republicans called the 65 Project. This again, Soros Crime Syndicate funded organization, is behind the many bar complaints being filed across America against attorneys who either represented President Donald J. Trump or dared to challenge elections that were illegally and materially impacted by election fraud and voter fraud.

    501c3 non-profit organizations cannot be partisan. It is a violation of IRS tax code. However, when you have democrat operatives like Lois Lerner just targeting conservative 501c3 non-profits and engaging in "Willful Blindness" to massive tax fraud violations by these highly funded democrat partisan 501c3 organizations, you have nothing to fear. So left wing democrats like Soros, Omyider and Hoffman get the benefit of massive tax deductions illegally while they fund highly partisan organizations engaged in lawfare, election fraud, and subversion of the U.S. Constitution. Will the IRS ever investigate the unlawful activities?

    Do you see a pattern emerging here?

    Media Matters - The Soros Propaganda Machine

    The Trump victory in the 2016 Presidential election was an absolute disaster for the democrats. The day before the election on November 7 the Washington Post published an article comparing Trump supporters to neo Nazi groups in an article titled "Why the West's far-right - and Trump supporters - are still obsessed with an ancient battle."

    The article called Trump supporters neo-nazis, fringe American ultra-nationalists and online xenophobes. My veteran owned and operated small business Molon Labe Industries was mentioned by name. Had the "journalist" done any research he would have found the company was comprised of quite a diverse staff, to include a black US Army veteran who grew up in inner city Chicago as my #2, our media guru was a secular jew from South Florida, a former democrat, a Palestinian muslim engineer, several hispanics, mixed race individuals and caucasians who played various roles. The entire company was one type of a minority or another. But why let a little thing like the truth get in the way when you want to play the race card? When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    The 2016 loss left Hillary Clinton and George Soros very upset, so a plan was hatched at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington D.C. to ensure a 2018 victory and the eventual takedown of President Donald J. Trump via any means necessary.

    Soros orgs and their Antifa operatives targeted my business first via online reviews, social media reviews, then they flooded us with fraudulent orders, the products were shipped and then three months later waves of credit card chargebacks took out our ability to process credit cards.

    Prior to the 2018 midterm elections Facebook vowed to crack down on "Russian Disinformation" and other bad actors who might be engaged in "election interference". Facebook went to great lengths to verify advertisers, including identity verification using photo IDs and mailing pin codes to listed mailing addresses. (Shouldn't that be done for verifying if voters reside at a particular address or to even vote?)

    I personally jumped through every single hoop requested to be verified in order to run Facebook ads.

    Full disclosure, I am not a Russian bot farm.

    Facebook - BigTech - FBI - Soros Orgs Collusion

    On October 11, 2018 just weeks before the midterm elections, Facebook and BigTech conducted a massive joint purge of content creator accounts, business pages and groups. Purged profiles, pages and groups were targeted based on their reach and influence with the undecided voter as well as their political ideology. The "Purge of 2018" knocked out over 800 accounts that were called "Russian Disinformation Bots" and "Political Spam". The domestic pages and accounts Facebook removed had a political bent. Nation In Distress and America's Freedom Fighters were early Trump supporters, they were founded in 2012, and had amassed more than 3.2 million likes and over 3 million followers, as of the morning before it was taken down. The page linked in its “about” section to a website called "America's Freedom Fighters,"  that monetized their website via advertising.

    During the purge Facebook invented a new term called "inauthentic activity" describing how these evil "right wing" Facebook pages and groups dared to monetize their social media pages via website advertising. (Isn't that the same business model of all news organizations online today?)

    George Soros was not content with the 800 plus Facebook accounts that Facebook purged, like Molon Labe Industries, Clash Daily with Doug Giles and Silence is Consent. Media Matters then published a "news story" saying that Facebook missed several pages and accounts that George Soros wanted digitally assassinated allegedly for publishing "political disinformation".

    The 251 purged accounts and 559 pages collectively had over 100M fans/followers with combined monthly post views of over 2B impressions. That was quite a powerful online presence. Just months before in July 2018 the Soros Propaganda apparatus was lamenting over the fact that people preferred conservative content.

    According to the IRS 501c3s are restricted from participating in partisan campaign activities. Silencing the voices of grass roots supporters of the political campaigns that you do not support is a textbook violation of regulations.

    The fraud examiners at the IRS really need some retraining; there appears to be some interactive training on their website right below where the restrictions on political campaign intervention is listed.

    The FBI is not the only government agency compromised by leftists with political agenda.

    Democrats can't steal elections if the people voting are informed about the issues.

    Media Matters hated the fact that conservatives had a far larger presence on social media in 2018. They knew that they were going to lose yet again if they did not do something. The meme pages were winning the information war and were routinely beating the Facebook virality algorithms.

    Media Matters knew that to be effective in the 2018 midterms they needed to have control over the online narrative. The propaganda machine went into overdrive and as they co-conspirators readied their "election interference", "Russian Disinformation", “Domestic disinformation” and suppression of dissenting political voices. These actions by Media Matters and their co-conspirators are "undisclosed in-kind campaign contributions".


    The leftists have infiltrated all levels of local, state and national government. They have taken over the colleges, the have taken over the high schools, they have taken over the middle schools, they have taken over the elementary schools and they have taken over the pre-schools.

    The left and their co-conspirators within the Republican Party have formed the deep state unholy alliance. This unholy alliance is an entrenched purple party working against the interests of all Americans. This unholy uniparty works to enrich themselves and their foreign and domestic masters who are true enemies of the United States Constitution.

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    Chris Gleason


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