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    Opting Out of Their Categories

    July 25, 2023
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    Image by Public Domain. Women Compete in a Swim Meet

    The top women on our women’s swim team have a certain body part which has not traditionally been associated with femininity. So the um, less manly? women are planning to opt out of the swim meet preliminaries. You see, they already all went down to the pool, credentialed each participant as having XX chromosomes, and raced. (Actually they hardly needed the credentialing because the difference was already obvious. Not one of the trans women has any real talent at gossip or catfighting.)

    This hotly contested race to crown the fastest actual woman was won by Daphne Delphine. Agreeing that Delphine won fair and square, the actual women decided that was all the race they needed. No need to swim in the preliminaries, where they would all be racing trans women. What’s the point in racing when you already know you can’t win? Why compete in a system that’s rigged against you?

    So Delphine, representing the actual women, will advance to the finals, and up to the time of those finals, all the actual women will be nagging the judges to admit the obvious – that it is abusive to force women to compete with men and then shame them for not winning.

    Oh, wait. I was supposed to be writing about Colorado, and its Democrats, RINOS, Republicans and primaries. Accidentally I seem to have written about men, trans women, actual women, and preliminaries. Can’t think why I mixed that up. So sorry.

    Satire truth opinion by Cincinnatia

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