• August 10, 2023

    Parallel Universe Of Science

    August 10, 2023
    Public Domain. Jim Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Launch

    Image by Spencerbdavis. Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine

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    A fascinating documentary about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) chronicles a miraculous human achievement over twenty years in the making. The telescope’s deployment resulted from the collaboration of thousands of scientists, risking hundreds of potential single points of failure. The scientific brilliance and methodical decades-long critical thought processes exemplified risk identification. Given the scientist’s achievements, it’s incalculable to imagine a culture of suppressing critical thinking would have been tolerated, in order to not avoid past calamities. They learned from their mistakes and successfully deployed a telescope that could literally view the origins of the universe.

    Compare the 2021 JWST successful launch to the adulterated scientific process that infected the Operation Warp Speed deployment of COVID inoculations at the very same time. The parallel universe of science marring the public health response to the Wuhan SARS-COV-2 bioincident appears to represent the antithesis of the JWST experience. Suppression of critical thought became the benchmark of the post-Wuhan bioincident push for mRNA countermeasures. To even contemplate the origins of the bioincident spurred pandemic became tantamount to scientific heresy. In contrast, had censorship of criticism or obscuring errors been the NASA culture for the JWST it’s unlikely the world would be peering back 13 plus billion years in time and space. Fortunately with COVID, the FBI, the Congress, the Department of Energy, and even the government official responsible for Project Warp Speed rapidly assessed that the proximate origins of the pandemic most likely emerged from a lab leak. These more recent revelations contrast with the diversionary initial narrative of a natural spillover, promoted by key government officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    Not unlike the anthrax letter attack bioincidents from 2001, where the FBI belatedly found the motive was to resuscitate the failing anthrax vaccine program using an investigational vaccine, COVID mRNA mandates also employed exclusively unapproved Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) countermeasures in response to the COVID bioincident pandemic. The pandemic response appeared to dust off the playbook from the two-decades old attempt to fawn panic and fear that successfully revived the failing anthrax vaccine immunization program in the midst of the 9-11 tragedies. Like COVID, the anthrax vaccine resuscitation was born from a bioincident where the proximate origins of the anthrax letter attacks ultimately turned out to have originated from a scientist trying to save and promote their pet program according to findings by the FBI and Department of Justice. Unfortunately, over the two decade history common to both the JWST and these vaccine controversies, no one in government exhibited the scientific integrity to peer back in time to learn lessons, correct the damage, or resurvey judgments regarding the investigational unapproved countermeasures. Instead, the government wasted massive national resources based on a suspected origins coverup and threat embellishment scheme in order to promote safe, effective, and FDA-approved vaccines. In fact, they were none of those things. Worse, they violated the law and the “option to accept or refuse” EUA unapproved products by mandating the pseudoscience on the very citizens they swore oaths to protect.

    Readers of this essay who are willing to look into the past and study the origins will understand the significance of the two decade comparison to the scientifically honest James Webb telescope successes as opposed to the documented failures at the core of the COVID mRNA countermeasures, particularly regarding efficacy. The government agencies and private entities responsible for mandating unapproved medical products on the American people cannot move forward or learn from their mistakes, until they exhibit a willingness to engage in honest intellectual critical analysis of past actions and points of failures.

    Failure with the JWST project would have setback space science by two decades or more whereas the failures within the medical science community setback public health protections by 100-years, back to before vaccines were required to be proven safe and effective. EUA vaccines reversed historic drug regulation improvements. Until there is a reckoning, the American public are being conditioned to go back in time, to accept investigational unapproved medical countermeasures that are authorized based on a “lower level of evidence” and a “reasonable to believe that the product may be effective” standard.

    As a society our public health authorities and government are going in reverse, diluting and changing the laws, then breaking those laws, versus peering back in time to learn lessons from the history and the origins as their space science brothers and sisters have done so extraordinarily. Trust in medical science can recover, but it will not happen until public health officials, the government, and the Congress demand honest reflection on the origins, the malfunctions, and the multitudes of single points of failure.

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