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    Political Humor: Coloradans Debate Whether This Lawsuit Is Political Satire or Not

    September 20, 2023
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    Image by GeographBot. Honest Lawyer Anyone?

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    Political Humor Piece:

    Coloradans are trying to figure out whether the lawsuit to get President Trump off the ballot is political satire, or maybe performance art. The suggestion was made to a committee of Coloradans that it might be a serious lawsuit, but they all burst out laughing.

    “How could it possibly be serious?” Greenwood Villager Joe Schmoe said. “Nobody ever sued to keep Donald Duck off the ballot. I’ve voted for my cat before. Marion Barry got re-elected. Come on, man, BIDEN is still on the ballot as far as I’ve heard. This lawsuit is clearly an example of political satire, where you just push the bounds of sanity a little beyond reality to illustrate how ridiculous reality is.”

    “Well, THAT definition doesn’t work,” answered Suzie Cue from Aurora. “That definition includes most of Congress. Congress isn’t satire!”

    “It isn’t? How can you tell?”

    Silence fell.

    “Okay,” said Lindy LuWho, a docent from the Arvada Art Center. “What the lawsuit really is, is performance art. It’s illustrating the fragility of the human condition, when you can use an amendment against overthrowing the government from a whole other civil war, to punish someone who specifically asked for peace in protesting the overthrowing of the government. It’s an exercise in irony, like the art displays that janitors mistake for trash.”

    “Oooh, that’s profound,” added an aspiring docent. “Let us savor the delicious irony. Look how dedicated the plaintiffs are to their art, they have to look and sound so serious to carry it off. Just think how much self-control that takes.”

    “You’re all wrong,” said Boulderite Bob Smith (he/her/it) “This purported lawsuit is actually a paean to lawyers, the greatest actors of all, and their stunning performances of concern for justice.”

    The Coloradans voted to endow the arts, including lawyers, with all their disposable income remaining after inflation and property taxes, since starving artists are the best kind.

    Political Humor by Cincinnatia, Colorado Free Press Contributor

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    Borrowing from the Bee, I see. Quite thoughtful and fun.

    They'll have to take out the free writing line too on the ballot, otherwise people will just write Trump in that line anyways. Not that it matters, digital vote fraud being so prevalent and all. Repeat after me; safe AND effective. Sadly though, what we are observing, however insane and idiotic, is not satire. We are observing the death of logic and reason, as over several generations, Americans have come to not just tolerate propaganda, but actually truly deeply believe in the messages. And I have an interesting quote from a famous author to that point, attached. Thank you.

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