• 07/23/2024

    Poudre School District Employee Sentenced to 16 Years for Sexually Abusing Boys in His Care

    June 28, 2024
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    Be aware of anyone telling you that pedophilia is an overblown or nonissue in Colorado. Abusers are prevalent, and protecting abusers is a priority for state leadership. 

    Consider this report out of CBS News Colorado about Robert Denise, a Poudre School District employee recently sentenced to 16 years for sexually abusing boys under his care at school and Scouts for more than 20 years. 

    The school allowed Denise to retire after learning the allegations against him, and many of his colleagues continue to defend him even after he confessed. 

    “Even after confessing to a judge that he had assaulted and raped several boys, some of Denise's coworkers and former students argued he was a good person who should not have been harshly punished for what he did. Some former educators told the court Denise was a good man and even better educator who positively impacted the lives of students he interacted with.”

    Our state has a sickness and, given the past legislative session’s focus reducing parental rights, our children face ever-increasing risk of harm by predatory adults. 


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    Ashe Epp

    Ashe Epp is a local writer and a Colorado Free Press contributor. You can find more from Ashe at linktr.ee/asheinamerica.
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