• 07/23/2024

    Resignation of Colorado's Secretary of State Jena Griswold Sought After SCOTUS Unanimous Opinion on Trump

    March 5, 2024
    Screenshot. Colorado SOS Jena Griswold

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    Some notorious Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) and several unaffiliated voters used the power of the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in an attempt to remove Donald J. Trump from the Colorado ballot under the guise of the 14th Amendment. The Denver District Court ordered Trump removed from the ballot. The Colorado Supreme Court agreed that he should be removed but ordered that Trump remain on the ballot until the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) weighed in. They have. In a unanimous opinion, SCOTUS declared that states do not have the power to remove federal candidates from the ballot under the 14th Amendment. 

    Secretary of State Jena Griswold continues to spread the misinformation that President Trump incited and participated in an insurrection despite her office losing the lawsuit. Her accusations are based solely on the House Select Committee’s report which was a partisan political hit job against the former President. Unfortunately, SCOTUS did not address the unsubstantiated charge of an insurrection leaving the door open for the continued efforts to disparage Trump and Griswold’s insistence that our “democracy” is in danger. 

    A recent letter from Representative Lauren Boebert signed by the officers of the Colorado Republican Party called for Griswold’s resignation and left open the possibility of a recall campaign against her. 

    Our elections in Colorado are in grave danger when our state elections office is run by someone who clearly has a bias and believes SCOTUS wrongly decided her case. We are NOT and have never been the “gold standard” for elections. Her animosity to the frontrunner of the Republican Party should leave us all questioning whether we will have a fair and truthful election in Colorado.

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    Good summary.


    She believes she is "untouchable" due to her COG connections there in Co. WHERE is my military?
    We call that göebbeling.

    tom lahman

    The demoncrap party claims to be the great protector of democracy. Their history proves just the opposite. They were the chosen party of the slave holding southern states. They created the Ku klux Klan. They passed the Jim Crowe laws. They were the earliest supporters of Mussolini and Hitler. During the '30s Columbia University was a hotbed of Fascism. Ever notice how there are almost no demoncrap dissenters in Congress. They vote en bloc on every issue. The party tells it's members how to vote. This a slave holdders mentality. Piglosi once ordered her slaves to pass a bill before she would allow them to read it. This not only contravenes the constitution but verges on treason!

    Last edited 4 months ago by tom lahman

    This woman looks psychotic to say the least.

    Louise J. Freedom

    That's what I thought. Also, watching her on the video she didn't look real. She looked like her interview was AI generated


    She more than looks psychotic, she actually is psychotic.

    The Prisoner

    Some things are very wrong with her. At the very least, she is controlled and unstable.

    Verdes Lutz

    Greaseball has got to go!

    Eric Hunter

    When the law is weaponized against the people, there would be casualties on both sides of the battleground.

    Willie Goree

    This nut job needs to b removed from office. I thought was better than this, I guess they must be too close to California.


    One word she should hear ( FIRED )!!!!!!!!

    Louise Chaille Barnes

    She should be fired. The Secretary of State has power over how elections are conducted. The people of Colorado deserve a free and fair election !


    Trump said… “you are fired…” 🤣

    David Smith

    Griswold and every morally corrupt government official need to be removed and never permitted to work in government again.

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