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    RINOs Mourn The Passing Of D.C. Politics As Usual

    December 11, 2023
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    This past Wednesday, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he is resigning from the Congress at the end of December. His move surprised virtually no one, since he was ingloriously ousted from his position as Speaker at the beginning of October. Though McCarthy claims he will continue as an influential political advocate, few people have shown any inclination to hitch themselves to his falling star. Yet his misfortune ultimately redounds to the benefit of Conservatism, and to America, in numerous ways.

    McCarthy’s downward trajectory vividly reflects the plight of the detestable Republican Party “status quo” inside the Beltway. For decades, Republicans have gotten away with talking their polished talk and making empty promises to the Conservative base particularly in fiery fund-raising letters. Yet when the time came for real action, they always had an abundance of excuses for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    Fortunately, a new force is arising on behalf of the American people who want their government to abide by the Rule of Law and the Constitution, rather than hiding behind those ideals while serving a well funded cadre of leftists/Globalists. Arising from Grassroots Patriots who have had their fill of the Swamp and the “Uniparty,” Americans have a new and increasingly powerful ally in State and National Freedom Caucus organizations. It was the Congressional Freedom Caucus that managed to force McCarthy from his position, after he had engaged in an inexcusable succession of betrayals.

    In the brief time since McCarthy was booted from the Speakership, to be replaced by Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana, several major events have transpired, such as the release of 40,000 hours of J6 videos. These videos clearly show illegal government manipulations involving DOJ/FBI “plants” seeking to incite the crowd to break laws, for the purpose of entrapment of protestors. Moreover, the fact that those incriminating videos had been withheld prior to Johnson taking the speakership is itself proof that McCarthy was working in service to the D.C. Swamp/Sewer.

    Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, a firebrand member of the House Freedom Caucus, spearheaded the effort to oust McCarthy, after which several candidates for Speaker failed to secure a majority vote. In response, the usual players within the GOP “Establishment” castigated him for the supposed “chaos” he had caused, issuing dire predictions of his likely loss in next year’s elections.

    Presumably, all of America was in a panic over the lack of a permanent House Speaker. In reality, most people paid little attention to the deliberately magnified D.C. melodrama. Instead, Americans were somehow able to go about their lives despite this supposed appalling vacuum in “leadership,” as if McCarthy had ever braved the opposition and carried a torch for the Nation against the leftist onslaught. Now that he is leaving Congress altogether, only a few voices are attempting to lament the situation, while Matt Gaetz stands vindicated.

    However, the waves made by Rep. Gaetz in how Washington operates hold a potential to eventually become a sea-change. For the first time in over a hundred years, a House Speaker faced accountability. And if this concept can be effectively developed and enhanced, Americans who care about their Country may actually regain their voice and their ability to demand proper action from the “Ruling Class.”

    The news gets better still! Elsewhere across the Nation, the Freedom Caucus movement and a general “rebellion” of real Republicans against the Party status quo is  gaining momentum, despite being mocked and denigrated by a huge “bipartisan” cabal of career politicians, along with their dutiful Fake News lackeys. A couple of defining situations in the American Heartland give ample evidence of this.

    In Wyoming, Legislative District 31 Representative and State Freedom Caucus Chairman John Bear is confronting the entrenched RINOs, on behalf of the real Patriots and Conservatives at the Grassroots. Having gone toe-to-toe more than once with RINO House Speaker Albert Sommers, Representative Bear fights from an increasingly strengthened position against the “Good Ol’ Boys” club that has long reigned in Cheyenne with little or no accountability, putting its own interests ahead of the good people of Wyoming.

    It is easy to presume that Wyoming has been a “safe” Republican State, given its overwhelmingly “red” voter registration. Yet the Party long ago took advantage of that situation, charting a course that hardly reflected real Conservatism. Too many voters had grown apathetic, barely concerning themselves with anything aside from the lurking threat of a State income tax or perceived encroachments on the Second Amendment. But that has all changed!

    A significant number of genuine Conservatives recently joined the Wyoming Legislative House, with more likely to come in the future. Several reasons for this exist, not the least of which being former (thankfully) Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who opened eyes by elevating RINO treachery to the National stage as few others anywhere in the Country could have done. On the right side, Representative Bear’s courageous and very public stand, confronting RINO treachery not only on the House floor, but in every other venue, is inspiring Wyomingites to reclaim control of their governing institutions from the self-serving elite.

    Following this same model, Missouri may soon be showing the rest of the Nation how powerfully an unshakable leader can impact the political landscape. State Senator Bill Eigel of  District 23 is already embarking on a vigorous campaign for Governor that challenges Missouri’s political status quo in the same manner as have Representatives Gaetz and Bear in their respective jurisdictions. Pulling no punches, Senator Eigel promises the elimination of repressive taxes and, amazingly, insists the State government cut expenses to make up for lost revenue, rather than casting that burden onto taxpayers.

    An outspoken Conservative/Patriot stalwart on every other issue, Senator Eigel’s message is already resonating throughout the Show Me State, and is thus shaking things up at the Capitol in Jefferson City. No doubt, big money and power from the “politics as usual” crowd are sure to be unleashed against him, since his victory would herald a new day of reckoning and accountability for the “privileged” political class.

    Nevertheless, Eigel isn’t rattled in the least. Believing that truth, if presented boldly and succinctly, will prevail over even a much larger onslaught of lies, he marches relentlessly forward. This approach, like those of Representatives Gaetz and Bear, doesn’t allow the enemy to define the terms of battle. Eigel has no time to waste defending himself against the inevitable baseless attacks and backbiting from entrenched RINO “insiders.” Thus, his candidacy represents their worst nightmare, making it a best-case scenario for Conservatives and Patriots throughout Missouri, and across America.

    Author Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland.  Article published with permission from Alex Newman at LibertySentinel.org.

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