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    Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, Tells The Truth In Colorado

    December 15, 2023
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    Image by Matt57. Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

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    Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch https://www.jihadwatch.org, spoke to concerned Colorado citizens this week about Palestine, Islam and the Israel war. As a recognized authority on Islam, Robert reviewed the history of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, stating the Islamic side has continuously called for the elimination of the Jews and Israel. Meanwhile Israel, while defending itself through its Israeli Defense Force (IDF), has continued to seek peace with its neighbors. The contrast needs to be understood. This ongoing historic conflict has been ongoing since 1948 with hatred of the Jews spanning throughout history. The antisemitism rise against the Jews in Israel from around the world since Hamas brutally attacked Israel on Oct 7, 2023, has been incredible and not logical at all. It's not just on US college campuses, but multiple locations from around the world.

    Robert added, "Joe Biden is a liar". While meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month, right in front of Netanyahu, President Joe Biden announced $100 million to Gaza for humanitarian aid. In reality, that money was really going to go direct to Hamas, not those in Gaza for aid. Robert stated, President Biden also quietly unfroze assets from the Shah of Iran that had been frozen since 1979, allowing the Iranian regime to now have $10B.

    Robert is pessimistic about the Palestinian Israel conflict in the future. He added, "Israel may become completely isolated". We will see how events unfold.

    You can watch the entire video of Robert Spencer speaking this week in Colorado can be viewed here at this link:


    Consider contributing to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch at the following link:


    Robert Spencer's visit to Colorado was sponsored by Restore Liberty. You can learn more about Restore Liberty at https://restore-liberty.org

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