• December 4, 2023

    Seth Keshel Gives High-Altitude Talk in Castle Rock, Colorado

    December 4, 2023
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    Tensions are high regarding dysfunctional elections; it’s considered a problem if your election lasts more than four days. But there is hope to regain normal election functionality in Colorado, as an audience in Castle Rock recently heard.

    Seth Keshel, an election analyst with a high profile in the election integrity movement, discussed how to raise our sights and win the 2024 elections. Studying Colorado election statistics was a tall order, but Keshel was up to the task.

    In an uplifting comment, Keshel assured the audience we will certainly win in the long view, but already the election thieves know their time is short. The towering level of craziness has pretty much hit its peak, it has to shrink soon.

    Despite Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s lofty assurances about gold standard elections, Keshel explained, voter numbers skyrocketed only when motor-voter laws took effect. Colorado population grew, but the voter rolls grew even more. Californians seeking a Rocky Mountain high are not enough to explain the inflated numbers; that’s just a tall tale.

    From our elevated vantage point, we must remember our children are also growing up. To fight for their LIVES we must Lead, Investigate, Volunteer, Engage, and Show up. We must rise above the temptation to run from the fight; it would be beneath us to hide out in another state and nowhere else is much better anyway. Stand up for the moral high ground of election integrity right here in Colorado.

    Written by Cincinnatia, a Colorado Free Press contributor.

    Published with permission from Seth Keshel. Learn more about his work at https://captk.com.

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